I am so thankful that Ryan's doctor has seen the benefits of Ryan's therapy for himself. He renews Ryan's PT script every six weeks, no qualms at all. Ryan's therapist has learned to give the insurance company the right language in progress reports to keep them approving it.

Some people do not make progress on a steady progression. They do it more like stair steps. Just when you think things have gotten where they are going to get, a huge jump takes place. Ryan's therapist has documented this in his case notes and his doctor has been more than willing to fight the insurance company for therapy the one time that there was not measurable progress in the review period. Two weeks later, a HUGE jump too place and Ryan was able to roll himself over for the first time. the insurance company has agreed to evaluate him over a longer period of time than is their norm. They deal mostly with injuries that recover quickly or do not recover at all. It is as if they really don't care if you get better or if you die, just do it in a timely manner.

Keep up the fight. Living in the sticks is worth the trade off. I would not trade the 20 minute drive to the nearest store for all the hassles of the city. Well maybe public transportation or natural gas availability would be worth it, no, don't think so.--eak