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Thread: ELegs & ReWalk

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    ELegs & ReWalk

    I am sure most of you have heard about and read about the two robotic walking devices out there. Has anyone had any experience with these devices? It seems that these devices may actually work! I am just curious to how much they cost? You guys have any info?

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    Hi, take a look at It shows her using them. The device is very pricey. I cannot recall what is was.

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    I spoke with the rewalk guys at a conference in Seattle in November 2010. They are hoping to have two units, a hospital training unit which is a more heavy duty and very adjustable, pretty much the same unit you see Amanda Boxtel using, approximate cost $100,000. Then an individual unit, which would be made for the individual, lighter and less adjustable which you would buy after training on the hospital unit their price guessitmate $40,000.

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