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Thread: Medigap plans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leschinsky View Post
    thanks gj, the medicare site was helpfu when i chose my medicare and drug plans but it's a little less so with medigap plans. I'm gonna call hicap on monday.

    quad62 i called usaa for plan f at my age it is $227 a month, I never thought i'd be envious of my elders
    Hicap is a pretty good resource in California. Hope they can help.

    All the best,

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    I'm such a procrastinator. I have to file an application by thursday and i believe I'm going with a high deductable plan f through standard life and accident that is only $36. per month [plus the $2000. deduct when I see the doc a lot]. It's the cheapest plan and the company had minimal complaints filed against it in Cal.

    One thing the app said I need to file proof of guaranteed issue right, what would that be a copy of my Medicare card? Also I have to request an effective date, as 6/30 is my last day of guaranteed issue will i be screwed if I put 7/1?

    btw hicap wasnt much help.
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    Guaranteed Issue Rights (defined)
    Rights you have in certain situations when insurance companies are required by law to sell or offer you a Medigap policy. In these situations, an insurance company can't deny you a Medigap policy, or place conditions on a Medigap policy, such as exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and can't charge you more for a policy because of past or present health problems.

    In order to buy medigap coverage without being subject to underwriting, you have to be able to produce a certificate of insurance from your past gap policy or the health insurer with whom you had a health insurance policy before applying for this medigap policy. If you don't have or can't get that certificate (a letter or form from that former insurer) the medigap insurer to whom you are now applying can underwrite for pre-existing conditions etc. Contact your last insurer for this document of proof for your current submission.

    Maybe you will find more specific details about this and your question about dates by looking at the following link and searching within this website.

    All the best,

    PS. Sorry hicap wasn't much help. I had pretty good luck with them.

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    ok so the agent at Standard was right I qualify for open enrollment not guarantee issue, thanks GJ. i have a call in to hicap to ask about the effective date query.
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    Choosing which company for your Medigap plan

    Just curious - for those of you who chose a traditional Medigap plan, how did you choose which company to purchase from?

    I am doing research for my Dad. We will get the F type plan.

    Since the costs can vary widely - I have seen $1600 to $5500 yearly cost for my father's area - what criteria did you use? Only price?!?!

    Since they all are supposed to offer identical benefits, it seems like you should just go with the cheapest plan, right? But the variation in cost worries me.... Perhaps there are customer service issues that might make one worth paying a little more from? Has anyone switched from one company to another because they had a bad experience?


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    I think I am correct is saying that a Medigap plan (Medicare Supplemental Insurance) insures various parts of the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay but you can use any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare. A Medicare Advantage Plan is like a HMO sort of and you have to use network doctors and facilities. Basically, Medicare gives a certain amount of money to the network group to cover all of your care covered by Medicare to the limits of the plan.

    I am choosing the Medigap policy so I can use the doctors I want to use. Blue Cross, United Healthcare (AARP) and others offer these policies. I think all of the Medigap policies (plans) are exactly the same on a state by state basis. In Florida, they have to accept you when you first get Medicare even with pre-existing conditions and even if you are under 65 and on SSDI.

    The insurance companies will send you information that outlines each plan. At least in Florida, Plan F is the best. These plans are a lot more expensive when you are under 65 and on Medicare as a result of disability, at least in Florida.

    Somehow Medicaid covers some of what Medicare does not cover, depending on your state of residence. I have a sibling in that situation in Missouri and he gets very good medical care at a very low cost thru a combination of Medicare and Medicaid. But I don't really understand how it all fits together.

    There are others on this site who know a lot more than I about this but that's what I know, sort of.
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    Yes, swh.... your explanation of how it works is spot on.

    But I am still looking for someone who chose a regular Medigap plan (NOT an Advantage plan) who can give a few pointers on how they chose their company?

    For example, Blue Shield does have an F Medigap plan in our area. They charge about $1000 more per year in premiums then the cheapest plan in our area. So, would we be crazy to pay this higher price? Or is a known commodity, perhaps with better customer service and timely reimbursements a better thing then say..... a company I have never heard of or worked with before?

    Unfortunately, my father's friends are all prior government employees who have excellent alternatives to Medigap, or veteran's - who again have better options - so there isn't anyone I can ask. It has been surprising to me how hard it is to get more information (ex. recommendations) about Medigaps. The SHIP volunteers for the state that are supposed to help with questions are not allowed to give any specific recommendations. I found them unhelpful.

    My father does not have Medicaid. He is over 65. We will be paying for all expenses that fall outside of Medicare ourselves. Medicare Part D for him will also cost a small fortune each year.
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    go with the cheapest plan that does automatic/crossover billing from medicare as otherwise they are all the same. I couldnt get the company that sold the cheapest plan to give me a rate once they found out i was under 65 but you wont have that problem. btw that company, globe life or something, had more complaints filed against it in my state than the other companies.
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    thank you leschinsky.

    Can I ask, where did you find the complaints filed against globe life? That seems like the kind of thing I am looking for..... some sort of reviews of the companies. I guess that's an indirect one...

    thanks again.

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