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Thread: Questions about Rehab

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    I did my rehab at Shepherd, it is an amazing place. I have also heard the same about Craig.

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    As I understand it the reason my husband was able to go to Craig was because it was the closest (we live in MN) rehab hospital that would take a vent pateint for rehab.There was no place local that would/could accept him.
    We went by air ambulance with 2 flight nurses. He was on the vent, may IV's, feeding tube etc. He was in pretty rough shape and at the time I was questioning why we had to go so far.
    Since your uncle is expected to get off of the vent could be the reason they are looking at the closer places. Ask, ask and ask questions David.
    Your aunt might be a bit shocked when she goes to see the places. I remember I was.
    Her life will change in every way also.

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    I can tell you that Shepherd in Atlanta is well worth the trip from Virginia. I also know that hey take vent patients. My son did his rehab there in 2009 and the results were amazing. Granted Ryan is an incomplete injury but they will help your uncle not only wean off the vent but to maximize what he can do. In addition they train the family on how to care for their loved one and make sure you are ready when you go home.

    Ryan wishes he had passes the barium test after only four weeks. He never did pass one but his speech pathologist at Shepherd took a chance on him since he was very good at protecting his airway and he went from level 1 on Monday to Jimmy John's on Friday. This was more than four months after his injury and this was torture for a 17 year old.--eak

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    So it looks like my Uncle will be on a plane to Shepherd sometime this week. I hope we are making the right choice. I was really impressed with the Shepered rep that came and visited us in the hospital on Friday. She seemed really pasionate about helping my uncle. I am however a little concerned about some of the negative things I have read on this site concerning Shepered and high level complete patients like my uncle. I hope to report back in a few weeks nothing but praises. If we have to fight for agresive rehab than we will.

    On another note my uncle was aff the vent the other day for 36 hours. He still is working with the hospital OT with his biceps. He is very motivated to work hard but is starting to realize and worry about his limitations.

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    How are things going David?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David F View Post
    So it looks like my Uncle will be on a plane to Shepherd sometime this week.
    This is great news! I am sure he will do well. It is very likely with what you say that he will be weanable from the vent, and Shepherd knows how to do that. Glad you are all making this is the best thing you can do for him right now. Don't let him get discouraged. He has a long way to go, but he can do it. Get him on-line here as soon as they start working with him on computer use at Shepherd (this should be part of his OT program).


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    We had a oyung man unjured here in Bellingham, Wa. a number of years ago. His mother is a ER nurse and working at our local hosp. when they brought him in. Her immediate response was to get him to Sheperds even though the Univ. of Washington and other rehab faciites were litlerally 90 minutes away.

    IMO, I feel you made the right decision in sending him to Sheperds. May he continue to improve and you staying strong.

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    My uncle is on his way to Shepherd need advice

    My Uncle Pat has a C4 C5 complete injury. He leaves in the morning for Shepherd. I read in some older threads that they are not as aggresive with completes. Iwas wondering if there is anyone that give us some advice on making sure he gets the best while there. Programs, rehab etc....

    Thanks David.

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    I think he will be in very good hands David. Great that he is going to such a good rehab.
    Will he have any family there with him?

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    I am a Shepherd Complete Alumni albeit a much lower injury. L1 burst complete. By "not as aggressive" what do you mean? I came to find them to be very aggressive. I will say that they focused more on showing me how to live in spite of my injury and less on getting me walking again. So far in my case their statement that the chances of walking again were "not impossible but not likely given the nature of my SCI" have proved true. I have had virtually zero return of function or sensation. I am 5 years post. Each injury is completely unique.

    Be happy ya'll are going to Shepherd they are highly regarded and the spirit and energy there is awesome. Very positive. Good luck.

    I will say your uncle is in very good hands. They have a very good rerspiratory program and a very good record at weaning off vents.

    Tell us some more about your uncles situation.

    Sorry to hear your uncle was injured. I am very glad you have found this web site. It is very helpful and informative.

    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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