I agree with LindaT and Grange. We were there with an incomplete injury but worked along side complete injuries. They are very aggressive with every patient. As Grange says, they focus on what the patient is able to do and will teach your uncle new ways of doing every day activities in a new way. Every SCI is unique. Hopefully, he will have a family member there with him. Remember that they have accomodations for family members and encourage hands on every step of the way. They will teach that family member everything they need to know about how to make sure his physical needs are met once he goes home. They do focus quite a bit on ADL's - Activities of Daily Living and getting the patient out into the community and introducing them to recreational activities. All of these will be different than how he did them before but are essential to his long term quality of life. When he leaves there, he will be amazed at what he can do. They tend not to focus on what you can't do but on how you can do things going forward. He will also become comfortable in "making his own way". In other words, figuring out what works for him.

Bottom line, he could not be in better hands. Alma Shepherd has created a wonderful center. --eak