Hello all, My uncle was in a car accident just under four weeks ago in Maryland. He broke his c4 and c5 and is diagnosed as "complete". He is currently in the shock trauma unit at UMD in Baltimore. He lives in Alaska and was here visting friends and family in Virginia. My uncle Pat was in great shape prior to the accident and has no other injuries, his wife was also in the crash and thankfully just bruised.

The first three weeks have been rough, as most of you know, however in the last week he has made great strides in improving. He his working hard to get off the vent and the Docs put in a speaking valve yesterday. He was able to speak for the first time and was suprisingly upbeat and seems ready to work hard to recover. He was also able to move both biceps during a visit with the OT and can feel some tingling in his fingers. Which I think is pretty suprising at this point?

The hospital is pushing to discharge him soon to Kernan here in MD. It is my understanding this is a step down facility untill he can be transfered elsewhere? Pat and some family members are having a meeting with the doctors today to discuss his options. I have been searching this site for info on Kernan and have found both positive and negative info but all of it is from 2008 or later. Does anyone have any recent reports from this rehab center. Since some of his family is in Virginia how about MCV in Richmond? My Aunt wants to get him to the best facility possible regardless of location but would prefer close to Va or west coast since they live in Alaska.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You, David.