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Thread: FES RT300 buying question

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    FES RT300 buying question

    Im moving out of the nursing home i live in n goin bak home in 2 months. I plan on buying a FES RT300 arm-N-leg system, was wondering about the purchasing process that anyone went through as well as any purchasing options that might be offered...good ol advise is also welcome c5/c6 quad
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    After battling my insurance company for 2 years, I finally decided to buy the RT300 myself. I'm ordering it at the end of the week.
    You'll need a doctor's script for the RT300, which will be submitted to insurance and almost certainly rejected. Restorative Therapies won't sell you a bike without a script. They will help you appeal the insurance company denials. Once you get approval, or decide to buy it on your own, they'll send you an invoice and you can just send them a check. Or pay by credit card(s).
    Finally, you'll have to schedule a time for a therapist to drop off the bike and set it up for you.

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    fes input

    just a quick note, I recently purchased an FES bike from restorative-therapies... originally I was told that it would arrive within 4 to 5 weeks it actually took 6 to 7 weeks to receive it. The communication about the delivery date was not as good as it should have been. My advice would beto keep in touch with them as much as possible.

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    just out of curiosity and you may reply privately if you wish... how much did you pay for your bike?

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    I paid $15,450 for the FES bike and $3,195 for an extra two channels of stimulation, which I'm going to use on my abs and either erector spinae (muscles around the spine) or my anterior tibialis (muscles on the shin).

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