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Thread: opening bottles?

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    opening bottles?

    Hey guys, for those of you that have trouble opening bottles, is there a tool out there that can help assist us opening them. I recently chipped my front tooth cutting a piece of packing tape, I need to open my opi nail polish and I usually use my teeth but I don't want to risk chipping my tooth again. Any ideas?

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    How well do you control your index fingers and thumb? If well enough, you can hold the bottle in one hand, twist the cap off with the other using the same positioning of your fingers.

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    Put a wash cloth in your mouth before turning or a large rubber band or rubber glove.
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    for nail polish i use dycem or wrap dycem around and then get out some pliers and turn. larger bottles/jars oxo has a jar opener for pasta suace jars etc of that nature otherwise u se the dycem. but yea nail polish is so small! and often the bottle itself is an odd shape to hold
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    Jam the lid in a door hinge and grip the bottle between both hands to turn (use something like towel or rubber grip to help)

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    i would bite and also chipped a tooth now if someone with me i just hand to them or use my sun roof. make sure it's not shaking or it will be a all on you and ur car.
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    I use the vise on my work bench to hold the top when all else fails. I must say, my vise is the next best gripping device I have after my teeth.
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    It's a wonder us quads have any teeth left.

    I stand the bottle in my desk draw, close the draw so the bottle is trapped and squeeze the bottle top between both hands then twist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    It's a wonder us quads have any teeth left.
    Especially British ones. "English mouth", anyone?

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    A strap wrench works well for opening most things. I have 2 sizes (a 3" and 6" I think) that I use to open about anything. Although, I've never tried opening something as small as nail polish.

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