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Thread: Help me choose a backcountry wheelchair

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    SW Colorado---chair user from nerve disorder

    Help me choose a backcountry wheelchair


    I am currently borrowing a wheelchair from my friend's sister. I'd like to buy it from her, but have no idea what to offer, it is a Quickie Revolution. Any idea of it's value?

    I'd also like to do some research in case she declines to sell it. I don't want to buy a new chair since my deductible is really high, and there aren't many used Quickie Revolutions being offered out there. What I need to be able to do with it is this:

    I don't think a typical folding chair will work (can you take the wheels off)? The Revolution folds up so nicely, and it was pretty good for getting around camp.

    Suggestions greatly appreciated


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    Find them on ebay for $500.00

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    i haven a kuschall champion as a backup, and it folds small enough to fit in the overhead locker on a plane.

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    I use a Quickie HP. Wheels come off, frame folds. I volunteer with the forest service and BLM. 2 inch Kendra rear tires, 8 inch front. Seems to work for me.

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    SW Colorado---chair user from nerve disorder
    do any of these fold the same way as the Revolution?

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    oooooooh, I want to go! very cool pictures.

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    The Quickie folds side to side. Grab the middle of the seat, pull up and the two sides come together. I think only the revolution did that flip forward like a lawn chair deal.

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    SW Colorado---chair user from nerve disorder
    update: my friend's sister said she will sell this Quickie to me!!!! Yay! It has the standard type wheels and casters. What should I put on it to make it better in for all-terrain use? I am clueless about that type of thing. Here is me and the chair (sorry you can't see the casters):

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    I don't know if the FreeWheel works with the Revolution, but it's worth a shot. It should be very helpful on the front end:
    For the rear wheels, you should get some wider tires like these:
    I've got a pair of Kendra 2" wide rear tires, but I haven't successfully mounted them yet. I keep blowing up the tubes!

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    Where do you go back country? This makes a difference in what you need.
    This is what I use.
    8 inch front wheels. Most places pneumatic, but in Az and NM I have solid ones because of the goat head stickers.
    24x1 3/8 Kendra knobbys on the rear. Pneumatic, but I have no flat inserts for them for sticker country. I now have a set of 2 inch Kendra knobbys. Haven't tried them yet.
    You need to carry an air pump, patches and tire tools for the tires. Get good patches from NAPA. Not the junk from department stores.
    I have used baseball gloves. Good leather gloves in sticker country. So you can drag your hands back across the wheels on each push stroke to clean off the tires.
    I found some gloves called MaxGrip. They work great for pushing, but not well when you are trying to slow down. Too sticky.
    Quick release axles for your wheels would make packing up easier.

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