I'm very glad this board exists. I've read all of it and it all matchs me 100%
Short history: I was diagnosed with Hep C, received Combo treatment for 5 months, Ribavarin and Inferon, Am now free of the Hep C virus. But left with Fibromylgia. Its been 9 years of pain, alot of it. Found wonderdrug Lyric. Dr prescribed 100 mg 4 x day. I've been on this for 2 years. Helped alot with pain and spams. BUT, the end of this Jan. the county cut back their medical and Lyrica was among them. No warning. IT JUST WASN'T REFILLED. So it has been 48 days. Am not scheduled to see Dr until the end of this month.
Its been H---. It felt like the withdraw from drugs I see on TV. The only relief I've gotten is upped the Calcium,1000/Magnesium,400mg to 2 or 3 more plus the one I take a nite. And since it is removed by the kidneys, Water, water, water and more water. The more i drink the better.
Blood pressure shot up, nauseated badly no appetite. Everyplace that ever acted up on my body was on fire at once. My neck became so stiff its been dangerous to drive. And sleep was maybe a few hours at a time.
I have Lortab 10's but can't take more than prescribed as I would run out .
But there is an upside, I have a clarity now I haven't had in a long time. seems like I had been in a fog and its lifted. My sense of humor came back, and 2 weeks ago when I went to pick up refills, they had the Lyrica there with the rest. No explaination. But I feel I've come this far and haven't died and if it causes this much pain I don't want to take it no matter what.
I've also send for some Homeopathic pills I saw advertised and they are helping A WHOLE LOT. Really the worst is over and I really feel a whole alot better than I did while on Lyrica. That stuff made me really stiff.
Hope all this helps anyone. God bless