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Thread: The 4-AP List

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    Quote Originally Posted by FellowHawkeye View Post

    Very good dr. He's been in a wheelchair 40 yrs after falling out of tree when 12. He's had experience prescribing immediate release 4-AP and so I'm ramping up faster than I prefer but I'm skittish about using drugs. In a few weeks I'll notice my spasticity breaking up. So excited. This is life-saving and life-changing. I can really enjoy life now. I thank the guy who suggested I see a physiatrist. This dr recently opened up time for new patients so I lucked out. You really need to see a dr like him to get 4-AP prescribed. I'm hoping a better drug will be available soon because 4-AP is only a band-aid...
    Great News !!!! I am so glad for your success !!!!
    I will see my Dr. 19th Feb. I expect only to get Fampridine prescription ($ 800 per month)
    as there are no compounded 4-ap immediate release available in Canada.
    Even if I would be able to get prescription for 4-ap immediate release I can not find compound pharmacy
    to send it to Canada....
    I have some money saved and I think I will invest $ 1600 for 2 months of Fampridine
    and if I get any positive changes I will make big noise about this.
    I will move down south....

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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    Sorry about Canada's unhelpfulness. That's frustrating. Well, my dr isn't so great, but stupidly prescribed me 10 mg capsules instead of 5 mg. He well knew what I wanted and had used before. So last night took a pill after late dinner and a few hrs later went to bed but felt really woozy while walking. Afraid I'd fall. And can't talk to dr til Tuesday! I thought I might take pill as I get into bed, but maybe it'll keep me awake. I'm disgusted with the dr who had info on dosing from the compounder with only 5 mg caps...

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    Congrats on getting the 4-AP! Often the side effects will abate after a few days. Try to be careful. 10mg capsules is really the normal size, and it is possible that the pharmacy replaced the 5mg after talking with the doc..... I have seen that before. Keep us posted on your results.

    Comad - why spend so much money? Ask your cousin to buy 4-AP in Ohio and send it to you! Do you still not have any health insurance? Is there any way to get some?

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    Wait - FellowHawkeye would it be possible to take half of capsule somehow?!
    Just for ramping purposes?
    Hey hlh - I have family in USA but for someone to get 4-ap need to get prescription and pharmacy will not take Canadian prescription; In Canada no insurance coverage for SCI and Fampridine unfortunately

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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    I see.

    Have you seen Lynnifer's thread? She is in Canada and got insurance to cover it SCI (I think hers was a transverse myelitis - not a traumatic SCI). Have you thought about trying to appeal the insurance company to get coverage? That is what we are doing in the US with some modest success.

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    I was contacted by the Forum member from USA who will send me for FREE 1 month supply (60 x 10mg ) of Ampyra! At this way I will save lot of $$ and effort and get myself tested with this drug.
    I am so happy and I would like to thank this member and participate in this thread / conversation but not 100%
    sure if he want any publicity so I want to THANK HIM AGAIN even like this, anonymously!!!!

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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    That is really great. Many thanks to your sponsor!

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    Fantastic news, comad from Canada! I wouldn't judge immed release 4-AP with Ampyra, but hopefully it'll help you and I look forward to hearing the results. I can't cut a capsule in half like a tablet. My dr is out of town this week for a funeral. I don't have aides supervising my walking, only here in morn and soon at night since my 86.5 yr old aide can't come anymore for tress fractures and dementia...So that info from the Compounder says 5 mg caps are usually prescribed and people of low weight like myself really need to ramp up slowly with 5 mg caps. My dr didn't listen to me, my old prescription or info from the Compounder and so I must wait on the blasted man...Jan

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    Am a T3/T4 incomplete severe trauma to spinal cord Asia A 2 years past, no feeling or movement under level of injury except for abs and lower back internal feeling.

    Live and work in Abu Dhabi, thinking of trying out Fampridine in the hope I will be able to move a toe or 2 .

    I am assuming drug is safe since it has been on the market for so long, and effects are reversible immediately as soon as you stop taking it and this should not preclude from potential future treatments when and if they become available in my lifetime.

    Found a local Neuro who can prescribe the drug, he is already treating a couple of MS patients with it.

    Will post progress on this thread if I ever proceed with this. A bit scared about possibility of seizures and don't like to take drugs in general but I think this is possibly worth a try.

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    Yais, best of luck with 4-AP. If you ramp up slowly and don't have drug interactions, you shouldn't have seizures. Do please keep us updated. My dr still hasn't changed my script to 5 mg caps and I wish the 10,mg caps could be made into 5 mg caps. Maybe a chemist or chem student could do it? Very frustrating when I just want a safer way of taking 4-AP...

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