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Thread: First time on an airplane

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    First time on an airplane

    I am going to go to Disney Worldin May for the first time since my accident. I am curious to know what I have to do when I get to the airport. Should I call the airline and let them know in advance that I am in a chair? My other question was I will be eight months postoperation to stabilize C-4 through C6, will going on the rides pose any danger for me?

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    Suggest you do a search on this forum for numerous previous discussions about what to do prior to and during flying on a commercial plane. There are tons of previous threads with great advice.

    You need to notify the airline about your disability status when making reservations (but don't assume the gate agent will know), not the airport. Be sure you are at the gate at least 1 hour before your flight. Tell the gate agent immediately upon their arrival that you need to gate check your wheelchair, that you will need an aisle chair, and how many people (1 or 2) you will need to lift you from your wheelchair to the aisle chair and then into your seat. Be sure to sit on your wheelchair cushion on the plane. Get your seat switched to one with a movable aisle armrest if you do not have one already. Ask if it is possible for you to be bumped up to first or business class (depending on the airline you are flying) for free. Often not possible, but it is worth asking.

    What do you plan to do about bowel/bladder management for your flight?

    No problems flying with your spinal stabilization done that lone ago.

    (and please complete a profile. Our members are more willing to respond to your questions if they know something about you, and it improves your credibility.)


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    i was riding roller coasters a year out, everyone heals different though and you'll just have to find out, don't push it too hard if unsure. with a higher injury, will you need help to get on rides? Parks will not help, you and an aid(if needed) have to get you on and off. never been to disney land, so don't know much about accessibility there for rides. at places like six flags, kings island, and cedar point, roller coasters are the rides that are really wheelchair accessible, many say the rides are, but there is no way to get wheelchair anywhere close for a transfer. i think they base the "accessiblity" on the fact that a person can actually stand and walk a short distance?

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    for airplane, what nurse said...make sure ur at gate early so u can get on 1st and avoid the crowd

    disney world.....alot of rides have a wheelchair car that u can roll right into.....if ur in a power chair, forget it....on mostly all, u will need to transfer to a manual chair to go on..or directly into the ride car...there is a sign at each ride entrance that shows what you have to do..everywhere is well as ferryboat or monorail......alot of rides will bring u to front of line along with whoever ur with.....heres a list i found on disney and riding...either u can stay in power chair, or transfer to manual , or transfer to ride(no chair).....go to post 11 on this link for all the parks info(magic kingdom, epot,hollywood studio,animal kingdom)..

    ive been to disney(magic kingdom, epcot, hollywood studios,animal kingdom) as well as nearby universal studios/islands of adventure many times (i live 3 hrs south of orlando) hit me up with any questions
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    To emphasize what nurse suggested. Arrive early and reiterate to the agent that you need an aisle chair, which they confuse at times with an aisle seat. At the expense of being repetitive, describe exactly what you need the chair for and double check for it once you get to the gate. You don´t want the plane boarding and the aisle chair not there ready for you. I use foleys and bellybag for fligths unless it is a small hop. Takes some of the stress away.
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    call the airline NOW and tell them you're disabled and ask to get your seats moved up as far fwd as they can for you & your companion.

    also tell them you'll need an aisle chair.

    don't worry about getting there xtra early b/c u get to cut the security line.

    u also get to cut the check-bags-in-at-the-curb line.

    once u reach ur gate, get them to tag ur chair so it gets brought right up to u upon landing.

    u will be the 1st to board appr. 1/2 hr before departure and the last to get off appr. 1/2 half after landing.

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    chang, all ur life u have NOT been deathly afraid of planes. U have been deathly afraid of what U TELL URSELF about planes.

    it's what's known n the biz as an irrational fear.

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