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Thread: Maybe be a dumb question about bike paths...

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    The only thing you need to know/do is stay on your side of the path (like traffic), and if you're passing someone let them know (just holler "On your left.").

    Keep your dog on your right side, so he/she(?) isn't on the path, this is for two reasons:

    1. if i bike come flying up from behind you, a spooked dog in front of a bike = bad.
    2. more room on the bike path

    and possibly 3. the dog will like walking on the grass/sand/dirt more than on the pavement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oli View Post
    Maybe I should start another thread about things experienced wheelers can teach us newbies who are clueless.

    Stuff about going through doorways. Rolling on slanted sidewalks and ways to cross the street without running down pedestrians (gotta hit those ramps at a certain angle). Dealing with your chair and your Service Dog and how not to take up SO much room and have people step on your Service Dog and so on.... Tips and tricks.... Maybe there is already a thread like this...?
    A techniques forum would be fun! Chair stuff, cath stuff, opening doors stuff, vacuuming tips (stupid vacuum keeps moving). I guess most people just learn all of these things in rehab? I did find a book once but it's in print only and it's 30 bucks.

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    A bigger dog could learn to love pulling your chair!

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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    this is a good suggestion, and an option I forgot about.

    I second that. This is a fantastic way to get exercise, outdoors and travel without worrying about cars etc.

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    Rail trails are great!

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    Yes well, he does travel on my left and has for 7 years. I don't want to change that so I might skip the bike path. It definitely seems dangerous now that I think about it unless the bike path is totally deserted.

    I can NOT change dogs so that ain't happenin! He is actually a Medical Alert Dog (I have a type of seizure disorder that he has been alerting to for 7+ years now).

    Although I can definitely see the benefit of having a larger dog to pull the chair!!!

    I would love all the little tips and tricks that people learned in rehab for sure. I had a hell of a time learning how to get through a door without squashing my Service Dog!!!! Still terrible at it but having hurt my dog yet...

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