When I see things like this, I always look into them and try new approaches- But I have no idea how you put that board under your cushion.... maybe getting out of the chair it would work, but getting in to the chair, it would seem to be more difficult and remove the *slide* concept of the board as you would come to a bump/stop at the junction of the cushion and the smooth surface?

Also, don't you guys have velcro under your cushion to keep if from moving around?

Maybe it's the cushion type that is making me not understand this being easier, as with a Jay 2 it seems like you'd slide, then have to hop over the bump and into your chair instead of just slidign all the way into home plate by just putting it under your thigh...?

also- I recently tried the foot on the floor thing too, to see if it made anything easier, and it might be a girl/guy thing- if you have any thigh, it's just going to create drag...

To the opening post, my suggestion is- just keep trying different approaches! I try new shit all the time. My friend Minnie and I used a keyboard once in a pinch, lol- but you learn through reading how other people hit it up, and then seeing what works, or sometimes doesn't, for you.

good luck!

p.s. the pledge remains one of the best tips of all time, btw. and my board came with grippy sandpaper-like tape on the under of one side, which I always put at my *destination*, it definitely helps alot, especially in the car.