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Thread: 25" Kenda Wide Knobbys? How much taller than, say, Primos or Marathons?

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    Okay, slightly more awake now. I used to have a pair of kenda narrow knobbies on a 24". When I switched with my marathons, I went a hole lower on my casters and the geometry felt the same. I assume wide knobbies would be 1/4" - 1/2" taller profile than the narrow. So if you assume 26" w/primos are 590 and 25" w/primos are 559 (they're not) then 26" w/marath is 59O + 7mm = 597 and 25" w/kwn is 559 + 7 + (3/4" taller than mara?) 19 = 585. 597 - 585 = 12mm, so that's a difference of less than a half inch. It would probably be less if you used regular 26" mtb tires on the 559 rims instead of the kendas, but I don't know if they'll mark.

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    If you currently have 25's order a set of 24's for your knobby's. Worked out good on my RGK, didn't even have to adjust push to lock wheel locks.

    Of course you idea of 26's and 25's for knobby's is the same but I figure you probably already have some 25's you'd like to keep using.

    24's also give the advantage of being a little easier to push which helps "off road"

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