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Thread: Mumbo Brown Shrimps / potato

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    Mumbo Brown Shrimps / potato

    I'll cook up 1 bag of brown rice

    2 bags of boiled small shrimp

    Cook up some nice oniony brown gravy / mushrooms / a cup of chicken broth all mixed together
    then side dish is baked potatoes with sour cream / brocholi .

    Serve brown rice with a cup of shrimp in the middle Drizzle some Brown mushroom gravy over it

    a side dish baked potato sour cream chives and some brocholi .

    Make enough for 4 people


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    Tonight I had this again for dinner which was really nice and light in my belly
    I kind of had a hunch no one would respond back
    typical ol me
    Is it my brand of butter or the Lack of Margerine ?

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    I am a member of several cookig forums and the old saying there is 'pictures or it didn't happen'! LOL Give us some food porn this early Saturday morning!!!
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    GL, it sounds delicious, I love anything with shrimp in it. Did you use anything special for your gravy mix? I have a rice cooker and love rown rice and also jasmine rice both healthy.

    I just bought some shrimp so I am going to try on Sunday to fix this dish, I also might try some asparagus to mix it up a little. I will let you know how well it went over. I take it you also like to cook, me too although since my injury I have slowed down hopefully I have my grove back on...
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