My brother had a stroke 3 weeks ago. When he went in they discovered a aneurysm. He was in the hospital for a few days and sent home to recover from the stroke. They said they would wait a couple months to address the aneurysm.
He was home 1 1/2 days and was taken back to the hospital by ambulance. They have since stated the original stroke was 3 to 4 times as large as originally thought and that he had had 2 or 3 more small strokes since then. They had not put him on blood thinners for the stroke due to the aneurysm. Since that time they put him on blood thinners. He spent 9 days in ICU. They felt they had him stabilized and better and sent him home straight from ICU. He was home less than 24 hours and returned to the hospital by ambulance once more.
Yesterday he had another episode (stroke?) in the hospital.
Left vertebral artery, which started the whole thing, remains completely blocked.Left internal carotid is 50% blocked. Neurosurgery consult tomorrow and assume surgery will be a day or two after that.
Seems like a lot of heck to go through. 3 weeks now. Anything they seem to be missing? Any idea why it is taking so long to get under control?