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Thread: Epidural Abscess very complicated - please read!

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    Epidural Abscess very complicated - please read!

    Hi Everyone,

    I had an epidural abscess in April of 2009 as a result of a staph aureus infection. I've been paralyzed since that time at the T4 level (incomplete), my story differs from the norm, and is very unusual. I've never heard a story like my own, so I'm hoping someone has.

    In 1992 I contracted primary viral encephalitis, while working in ICU at a hospital. I was in the hospital for 7 months, and suffered debilitating migraine headaches that lasted 17 years. I managed to work on and off for 17 years, started a birth doula practice 10 years ago - all while raising 5 kids. (I had the first 3 before, and 2 after). I had to stop working as a doula in April of 2008 due to the most extreme pain I've ever had in my life. I went into hospital by ambulance 4-5 times and was told that I had back strain. I was regularly seeing a pain specialist, neurologist, and family physician. As you can imagine, with all the trips to the ER - I was probably labeled a drug seeker. (Even though I had letters from all my Drs ordering pain meds) I was finally diagnosed after the doctors seeing compression fractures in my back due to osteomyelitis (infection in the bone). The bones in my back had crumbled due to the infection, and my red cell count was so low that I needed 10 bags of blood and plasma. My white count was so high, that the infectious diseases doctor said he had rarely seen a count that high. I had to have 9 bones in my back removed - and have 15 inch rods, along with plates and screws to hold my back together. I was on IV antibiotics for a year, and started to notice that after about 4 months my headaches started to diminish. The headaches were obviously caused by the staph aureus infection. Over the years I kept getting staph aureus infections in my lungs, and had many staph aureus skin infections. My headaches are now gone, so it's a sad irony that it took me being paralyzed to figure out the problem. I spent 10 months in the hospital.

    I also suffer from extreme stasticity (I'm told because of the extreme scarring around the nerves), and am having a Baclofen pump implanted on April 14th. I'm wanting more information on that too.

    I'm hoping to connect with someone who has experienced a similar situation, or can give me any kind of guidance.
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