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Thread: Exercises for Spinal Cord Injured Patients

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    Exercises for Spinal Cord Injured Patients

    I found this comprehensive exercise manual by accident in pdf format titled, “Physiotherapy Database Exercises for people with Spinal Cord Injury.”

    Web sites:


    Credits: Complied by the physiotherapists associated with the following Sydney (Australian) spinal units: Moorong Spinal Unit, Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney – Spinal Unit, Royal North Shore Hospital and – Spinal Unit, The Prince of Wales Hospital. Web site:
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    link below gives simple/basic exercises for each bodypart. just the main muscles, but enough to get a good entire body workout
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    Excellent resource! I've been looking for something like this for quite some time to supplement my weekly rehab sessions. Thanks for sharing!

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    martin, those are stretches..#1 opens opens hips.......#2 stretches hips/glutes/low back........#3 stretches hamstring........u just copied from another source, which is fine, but just so u know..
    those are not for muscle building
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    I love the above free resources. Below are recommendations for SCI exercises by levels. These exercises were listed in the manuals which are poclet-sized [4" x 6"]. I like the pictures and the descriptions from the website as well as those in the following manuals. The manuals are not free, but are relatively affordable.

    NCPAD (National Center on Physical Activity and Disability)

    SCI Tetraplegia Quick Series Booklet
    New !
    US $2.59

    NCPAD Exercise Guide for Persons with Tetraplegia


    Shoulder Shrugs
    Scapula Retraction
    Bicep Curls
    Shoulder Rolls
    Lateral Raise
    Arm Circles

    Aerobic Exercise
    Lateral Raise
    Shoulder Rolls
    Wide Bicep Curls
    Lateral Raise with Bent Arms
    Shoulder Shrugs
    Triceps Kickback
    Arm Circles


    Neck Rotation Stretch
    Neck Lateral Flexion
    Shoulder Rolls with Depression Stretch
    Posterior Deltoid Stretch
    Triceps Stretch
    Trunk Rotation Stretch
    Lateral Trunk Flexion Stretch
    Chest Stretch

    Strength Training Exercises for Arms for C5 – T1

    Bicep Curls with Weights
    Triceps Extensions with Weights

    Strength Training Exercises for Shoulders, Chest and Back for C5 – T1

    Shoulder External Rotation with Exercise Band
    Shoulder Internal Rotation with Exercise Ban
    Shoulder Press with Exercise Ban
    Lateral and Front Raise with weights
    Seated Row with Exercise Ban
    Reverse Fly with Exercise Ban
    Upright Row with Exercise Ban
    Chest Press with Exercise Ban

    SCI Paraplegia Quick Series Booklet
    US $4.99

    NCPAD Exercise Guide for Individuals with SCI (paraplegia)


    Arm Swings
    Shoulder Rolls
    Arm Circles
    Chest Fly
    Lateral Raise
    Biceps Curl
    Punching Bag
    Cross Punch
    Push Down
    Rope Climb

    Strength Exercises for T1-T6

    Seated Row with Elastic Resistance Band
    Reverse Fly with Elastic Resistance Band
    Chest Press with Elastic Resistance Band
    Internal Rotation with Elastic Resistance Band
    External Rotation with Elastic Resistance Band
    Shoulder Press with Elastic Resistance Band
    Lateral and Front Raise with Weights
    Upright Row with Elastic Resistance Band
    Biceps Curl with Weights
    Triceps Extension with Body Bar or Weights

    Strength Exercises for T11-L4

    Abdominal Crunch
    Straight Leg Extension
    Hip Adduction
    Gluteus Maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps

    Strength Exercises for L5-S5

    Prone Leg Curl


    Neck Rotation
    Lateral Neck Flexion
    Forward Neck Flexion
    Shoulder Roll with Depression
    Posterior Deltoid Stretch
    Anterior Deltoid/Bicep Stretch
    Triceps Stretch
    Trunk Rotation
    Lateral Trunk Flexion (side stretch)
    Chest Stretch with wall or doorway
    Chest Stretch with hands clasped behind
    Wrist Flexion/Extension
    Hamstring Stretch
    Side-Lying Quadriceps Stretch
    Assisted Calf Stretch

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