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    Advanced Cell Technology

    Hello guys,

    I have received this e-mail from Advanced Cell Technology and through it I would like to urge on you to write as much as possible letters to your senators, president or congressmen in order to human embryonic stem cell research was supported and approved ultimately. Thank you for your understanding.

    Dear Joe

    We have received your email and regret to hear about your condition. We are still very much in the early stages of our research. We will include your contact information in our files for possible clinical trial work when we are ready to proceed in that direction in the future. (Please keep in mind this could be many years down the road). In time, we hope to be able to advise you of additional positive news of our research and what you can do to benefit from it. Please feel free to check our website periodically to check the status of our research.
    Human embryonic stem cell research and the ability to make stem cells by nuclear transfer (cloning) does not involve the cloning of an individual human being. Rather, it is a promising new approach to making any cell type a patient may need identical to their own cells so that they would not be rejected by the body as foreign. For individuals with disease, this could, simply put, result in a cure.
    This promising new approach to the treatment of disease, while still years away, can only move forward if U.S. Senators are convinced that the public wants the therapeutic uses of cloning to go forward while banning the uses of cloning to make an actual cloned human being. We hope you will write our Congressman and Senator as well as our President of the United States and let them know about your support for human embryonic stem cell research and the ability to make stem cells by cloning. (Along with your government officials) Attached are some of our government links to help you pursue this quest.

    Thank you again for your interest in Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are working diligently to help the many people who are suffering.


    Erica L. Milano
    Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.
    One Innovation Drive
    Worcester, MA 01605
    508-756-1212 ext 106

    Government Officials:
    President Bush's Cabinet - <>
    Senators - <>
    Congressmen -<>
    Here is the web site from the appropriations committee: copy of all testimony from December 4th are attached to this page.
    Testimonies from December 4th, 2001
    Bert Vogelstein
    Mike West <>
    Ron Green <>


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    Already, 300,000 Americans are on dialysis and 80,000 more are living with transplanted kidneys.

    One in nine adult Americans has chronic kidney disease, but many don't know it and aren't taking steps to protect their damaged kidneys from getting worse. New research by the National Kidney Foundation also says another 20 million Americans are at increased risk of getting kidney disease because they have diabetes, high blood pressure or other risk factors.THOSE PEOPLE need to get easy - and cheap - urine and blood tests from their doctors to see if they have kidney disease, according to the foundation's new guidelines, published in this month's American Journal of Kidney Diseases.
    It's "a silent disease" until the kidneys are severely damaged, Dr. Andrew Levey, chief of nephrology at Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston, said Monday.

    If detected early and treated, kidney damage can be slowed, said Levey, who chaired a panel of specialists that wrote the new guidelines.
    "Our goal is to slow the rate of kidney disease worsening so people can live a long time" without needing dialysis or a kidney transplant, he said.

    The kidneys filter waste out of the bloodstream. With chronic kidney disease, the organs slowly lose that filtering ability, eventually becoming so damaged that patients die without dialysis or a kidney transplant.
    Specialists have warned that end-stage kidney failure is increasing by 2 percent a year in the United States. Already, 300,000 Americans are on dialysis and 80,000 more are living with transplanted kidneys.
    Until now, no one had a precise count of just how many people are living with earlier stages of chronic kidney disease, or how many were at increased risk of getting it. New government statistics allowed the National Kidney Foundation to do those counts.
    Elderly people and people with diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of kidney disease need tests for signs of impaired kidney function. The new guidelines recommend two tests:
    People with kidney disease have increased protein in their urine. A simple urine test can be done either by a lab or in a doctor's office, using a special dipstick test that checks specifically for the protein albumin.
    The second test estimates the patient's GFR - glomerular filtration rate, a medical term for how well the kidneys are filtering. A blood test that measures levels of the metabolite creatinine allows doctors to estimate GFR.


    There are four therapies to slow kidney damage:
    Drugs called angiotensin II receptor blockers can slow kidney failure by about two years in people with advanced disease, and proponents expect they'll work even better if taken by people in earlier stages of chronic renal disease. They work by relaxing delicate blood vessels in the kidneys, and are similar to a type of blood pressure medicine called ACE inhibitors.
    Strict blood pressure control is crucial.
    In diabetics, strict blood sugar control protects the kidneys.
    Low-protein diets often are recommended, although studies of their helpfulness are mixed, Levey said.
    To track how well therapy is working, patients need the blood and urine tests repeated at least yearly, and more often once the GFR drops below 60 - a line separating mild disease from more serious organ damage, Levey said.
    The foundation is still studying how often screening should be offered to people who haven't tested positive for kidney disease yet. The American Diabetes Association recommends yearly urine tests for most diabetics. Doctors should not use regular dipstick tests - the kind often used for pregnant women - but the albumin-specific kind, or send the urine to a lab to be sure they detect small protein levels, said ADA's Dr. Nathaniel Clark.

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    Dear DA

    "dialysis " exist since 20 years and seems to be exist another 20 years.

    three days ago I posted about AIDS exist since 20 years and be possibly exist another 20 years.So SCI research isnt excluded the other areas of the medicine.In my opinion it is the number one.

    1)Collabration is necassary all of the Medicine to progress faster development
    2)prevent the politicians interventions to medicine
    3)organize the power of the suffering millions (any kind of ilness)

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