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Thread: How many secondary injuries are out there?

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    How many secondary injuries are out there?

    I was just reading a thread and came across someone that mentioned that they were re-injured later down the road, loosing more function. I found it hit close to home. After my first accident, I could hobble around with a cane and a bad limp. Two years later, a second accident left me in a chair with MUCH more loss of function. I'm stuck with the chair now. If going through it once isn't enough.

    It made me wonder how many others there are out there with second injuries. I know mine was due to a previous break that was just a weaker point on my spine. I was lucky the first time with no damage at that level... not all that lucky the second time.

    I always wondered if over time the breaks would be just as strong as they were before or even stronger (with rods). I've found myself itching to get on roller coasters again, but because I can't get a clear answer from anyone, it's not been worth the risk to me. Does anyone else have experience in the matter?

    How many others are there out there that have second debilitating injuries due to their first? or even just freak second accidents?

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    How could we be so lucky to get injured again? I was in a car accident 10 years ago had 4 surgeries, 4 knee scopes and a wrist surgery, then this past May I had a total knee replaement was just getting along pretty good, then went out with my daughter and hubby and got hurt in his truck and broke my back. The first accident did not change my life like this one did.

    I think there are quite a few that have secondary injuries. Sounds like you have been threw the ringer too.

    Wishing you the best
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    Cailech, you raise a very important point. A physiatrist once told me that people with SCI - from any cause, whether traumatic or disease-related - have spines and cords that can be likened to a chain with weak links; our functional adaptations are tenuous, and when a new injury occurs, the weak link(s) cannot bear the brunt of the assault, and trouble follows. Force cannot be distributed evenly across the weak link, so the new injury causes more damage than it ordinarily would have. And our ability to recover from the secondary blow is diminished, for the same reason.

    Because it is typical for people with SCI - again, due to any cause - to have associated problems (e.g., SCI compounded by bone spurs, lesions, stenosis, nerve root cysts, etc.), we are in some senses like the proverbial house of cards. So even seemingly minor accidents or injuries - turning just one degree too many, or lifting a small package - can cause significant (even devastating) problems.

    I find that I need to be as observant and careful as possible regarding my activities, posture, gait, etc., and at the same time continue to live as fully as possible - not an easy balance for any of us to find, and one whose center is constantly shifting.

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    In 1982 there was a movie entitled The World According to Garp. It starred Robin Williams, Mary Beth Hurt, Glenn Close, John Lithgow, Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, and Swoosie Kurtz to name a few of the cast members. In one scene, Garp and his wife are looking at homes to buy. As they are taking a look at a house from outside, a small plane crashes into the house. Garp turns to his wife and says. We'll take the house. Honey, the chances of another plane hitting this house are astronomical. It's been pre-disastered. We're going to be safe here."

    The point of the story life we are not pre-disastered. We, who have already suffered severe disease or injury are not any more or any less likely than the next person to have another life threatening or debilitating injury or disease.


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    I'm a t-7 para, and about 5 years after my motorcycle wreck (I was on the back) I was at the pool and slipped off a lounge chair and hit my tail bone pretty hard.

    No big deal, but I felt funny for weeks, strangely better, and turns out after xray that I had a compression fracture below my previous level of injury.

    I never had muscle spasms after that, and was able to hold my pee, no leaking, until I wanted to go. So some secondary accidents have happy endings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daraby View Post
    So some secondary accidents have happy endings.
    Wow, that is great! I love that!

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    A 2 timer here

    When I was a kid and I broke my neck it took me a few years to re mend ,it was rough but I got on with my life so I thought .

    Many years later I Rebreak my neck / back / body in a freak motorcycle accident and I am forever changed I dont like to think of it .

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    Thank you for the responses.

    JEAPOW, you sound like me, having to make serious adjustments after your second accident. I hope things are falling into place for you now. I know how much it can shake a person.

    Bonnette, great response. I've always thought such, but never heard someone else say it. I ended up not getting "sci rehab" and had to figure out most of it on my own, and I've found this site invaluable for information. I can't believe how lucky I was to find a community that knows so much more than most doctors and medical staff. Thank you for your input.

    gjnl... how I know this well. :: laughs:: I was just curious as to how many others in this community had to go through this mess more than once. Just pure curiosity really. I personally don't know anyone other than myself that's had to go through the whole sci thing twice.

    Daraby, I really didn't expect to hear good stories in this thread. Yours was a pleasant surprise. I'm so glad that things got better for you.

    GL, it was actually one of your posts that caught my eye and caused me to ask the question to begin with. I'm so sorry to hear you had to go through such trauma. Your post caused me to think because most don't have to deal with it once, let alone twice. I know I'm not the only one out there, but I'd never really thought about it before. I hope you're doing ok now.

    Once again, thanks for the responses. Even though I know it's a rare thing to deal with sci twice, I find that I actually expected more responses. I'm glad to know there aren't too many out there.

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    So Calieh, does that make us two timers( haha ).
    JeAnNE L1Burst Fracture inc. 11/5/10

    Live Well--Laugh often

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