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If you just need the button to protrude a bit more, a cheap mod would be to lengthen your axles slightly and insert a washer between the button and the hub...
I'm going to try this first. I really like that idea. It's a lot cheaper to shove a washer on there than to buy new parts. Chairs ain't cheap. I think my first car was cheaper

I'm going to try the syringe method too. I just kind of grab onto the wheel hub with a 'claw hand' type movement; shove all my fingers through the spokes and push with my thumb- it ain't pretty. Finesse, at long last I might find thee...or something closer than what I'm doing now. Glad I changed wheels to the soft Spox- the wire wheels were killer. Radial spokes like a Cadillac wheel from the sixties. Yowch!