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Thread: Fabric Side Guards TiLite

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    Fabric Side Guards TiLite

    So, while I am waiting to make all my adjustments to lower the seat in my chair I am thinking that once I get 'down there' I will need some side guards to keep my Service Dogs feet from getting caught in a spoke when he is on my lap.

    I was considering the fabric once since money is an issue and the solid ones are insanely expensive.

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the fabric ones for a TiLite ZRA?


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    If you can...I would save up the money for the non fabric ones. The fabric ones lose their shape quickly and do not (at least for me) do what I need them to do (keep dirt, snow, etc away from my hips).
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    Thanks. Luckily I don't really have to worry about rain or snow in my area.

    My main concern was the occasional time when my Service Dog would ride on my lap. He has long thin legs and I could just picture one going through the spokes! Ouch!

    Would the fabric ones be ok for that purpose?

    I have a bit of time to figure it out since it is taking a while for my chair to get adjusted just right. I don't want to measure for anything until my chair is perfectly adjusted.


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    Coach is correct, the fabric suck. I may have a set of plastic around somewhere. If I do I'll pm you girl. Glad the chair is working for you.

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    Well well, not so fast. The chair is in process still! Not finished!

    That is an incredible offer though. Gosh why are all you people so darn nice!?! You are confusing me with your niceness, hehe! Not used to it!

    I am awaiting TiLite sending me the little special half moon washer that they offered to send before I do any more tweaking. I am 'hopeful' it will come today and then I will go to town on this thing and tweak away.

    Once I get all tweaked I will be able to measure and see just how much the wheels stick up and stuff.

    I should mention that my Service Dog is an Italian Greyhound (he has been my medical alert dog for 7 years) and if you have ever seen an IGs legs they are like tiny little twigs. SNAP!

    He walks 99% of the time next to the chair but if it is super crowded I don't want him to get stepped on so I have him in my lap. That is when I am worried about a leg in a spoke! ACK!

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