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Thread: We're the orphans even here at CareCure

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokymtn memories View Post
    Since I hang around here a lot, I'd just like to re-enforce what Arndog has said.

    Scorpian, I wish you and OJ and many others would post more here. It's good to hear new/other ideas from those with the same kinds of problems.

    I often worry about OJ, knowing that she has the ugly pain too, and is working so hard in school. She amazes me with her strength to study! And I know she goes through some tough times, and then gets right back at it and gets caught up! Awesome! It's actually made me wonder if I could get through a few classes and be able to concentrate......but I guess at my age, it does'nt really matter too much. Besides, I've never been able to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. lol

    I know a couple of people that suffer from anxiety, not much fun. Painful in its own way.

    Linda, I hope the posts here help your husband in some way. Sometimes just knowing you're not the only one dealing with similar problems help. I thought of that tonight when my husband was coughing earlier this felt like I imagine a lightening bolt would feel everytime he coughed! I felt like screaming....STOP! Not sure he'd understand that one, I don't think I've ever talked about it with him, or anyone, except here. Sounds kind of crazy to most people.

    Quadvet, good to see you around........hope you're doing okay!
    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    When I drop something or there is a sudden sound he describes it as feeling like an electric shock. When someone here used the same description it helped him to know it is not just him and also helps me understand even though I never doubted him.
    We have not been able to go to a movie because they can be so loud.
    I'm sure there's a thread about this somewhere. Lots here get the electric shock when startled. I get a terrible shock feeling in my bum when I'm startled. Mine doesn't hurt but it feels horrible.

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    When I was walking, I use to fall down. One time the tram made the ding ding because the driver thought I walked to slowly and I fell down in front of it. My friend was dragging me out of the street.
    When I was in the kitchen the children were whispering before they came in because if they came to quickly, I felt down on the floor. It was some kind of funny but it happened enough when it was the wrong time.

    So I think it is a lot of us who reached of loud or suddenly sounds, like Keps said it has been a thread about it before, even a poll I think.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    That electrical jolt is kind of a whole body thing for me. Seems like some days are worse than others.....but I've never been able to figure out why??

    Does the temperature of the room affect the intensity of your burning? I've discovered just in the last year or so, that even though I don't feel hot.....if the temperature inside or out goes up past 70 - 72 degrees my feet and hands get bad. The intensity will go back down when I cool off, but it takes a little while. It makes it hard for me to do much outside for very long.

    Last year at a cookout at my sister's, they got out the fan and put it on the porch for me, and it seemed to help.

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    Pre-SCI, loud noises would cause my body to spazz from the cerebral palsy, but there was no pain. Enter SCI and a loud noise or being startled causes what I refer to as shock/pop. It feels as though I'm being electrocuted (shock) and it needs to escape my body. The "pop" is when the electric feeling hits its peak.

    I. detest. it.

    Anybody else get a feeling like you've hit your funny bone in your elbow only you have not hit it and it is totally unfunny? I don't feel my elbow yet I have the sensation my funny bone has been hit gone exponential.

    SmkyMtn (Hey, T!), heat is a killer for me. It feels like I have a concrete burn/my skin has been pulled off and exposed to sand paper the hotter environmental temps go. I turn into a slug, too, and lose my energy if I stay hot too long.

    I do the same thing when I run a temp. It's often my first sign of having an infection. There are times the concrete burn feeling hits a day or two in advance of whatever it is being more obvious/identifiable. With me it's either UTI or my lungs each time.

    I'm klutzier than usual, too, although I've never known if it is the actual temperature/illness or the "distraction" (inability to focus) due to increased pain or a combo or an unrelated coincidence. My vote goes to a combo of being sick/overheated and also having difficulty focusing due to increased pain.

    P.S. I also get the shock/pop if I turn my head in certain ways or my neck is in certain positions. Big unfun.
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    Hey La Mem! Good description! Shock/pop! And, yes....I also have the same problem with my head/neck! And for that split second/s it is way unfun!

    Since you get that one about one.......kind of like a muscle cramp in your throat/neck and it does'nt go away until I drink something......first time I got that one, I thought I was having a heart attack!

    It's funny how you get these strange little things happening to you....and because no one ever talks about them, you think you are the only one it happens to!

    As far as the fatigue after being overheated......yes, me too. But I've noticed fatigue is a problem after doing just about anything, for me. It can be from going to the doctor's to doing the laundry. I'm whipped when I'm finished.

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    I intermittently get a sharp, painful cramp on one side of my neck and burning at the back of my throat. The neck shock (L'Hermitte's sign) and fatigue with heat are constant issues. I don't notice heat making burning pain like the "fire socks" worse, but it causes me to lose strength to a really alarming degree (typical for MS), and I've heard that cold has the same effect on some people.
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