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Thread: New On Here Welcome Aboard

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    I have merged the multiple duplicate threads and posts we had, both from the OP and other members, and removed the duplicates. Let's try to keep to just one thread for this topic. Multiple duplicate posts in multiple forums (or even in the same forum) are not encouraged here.


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    Gang All I know is I am just busy looking at real estate etc..... Feel like moving

    It's weird one of those feelings
    Been looking at land in the country .. I dont know where I fit in . lol


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    east o the southern warren
    look in my fb at my pictures. its really beautiful here. dr may be tricky to find, but not impossible. tons of lakeside property.

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    Thank you all for the support. GL trust me far from giving up. It took my almost 2 years to get my triceps back and for me to push my own chair but I am now. When at Shepherd I could not use a computer but as I am writing this I am typing it without any program. Typing with my good ole non working hands. Before my injury I was going to a technical school to be an electrician now I am taking online classes through my local campus and about to transfer to another one to finish up a computer science degree. I have a mini fridge in my room and everyday I work on gettin my waters or food out of it and teach myself new ways to open them so I can be independent. I might never find a spouse because of this chair but I will not let it keep me from living on my own one day.

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