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Thread: New On Here Welcome Aboard

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    New On Here Welcome Aboard

    I will start this off by saying I am not walking and don't seem to be anytime soon. I broke my neck in a diving accident June 25, 2009. Actually after reading this I don't believe I broke it because they only placed a small clip looking thing between my c4/5 and c5/6. Maybe it was only a compression. Had surgery within the hours and had a shot of the steroids. I crashed 2 days later due to water in my lungs and was trached for around 6 weeks after that. Right after my injury within weeks I could feel touch, regained wrist, could feel triceps move but no function really, and could feel touch near or around the anus. That sounds weird but mostly everyone here has an SCI so they know what I mean. Sherperd center said all of these were good signs but still only gave me a 2-10% of ever walking again. It is going on 2 years now with out much recovery but I still feel like I am not done. My fingers twitch, not like a spasm though. I feel tingles and throbs down my legs and toes. I can move my right pinky toe side to side on command but greatly during a spasm. My spasm's are so bad that I can extend my legs during one for minutes before they stop. Am I walking now no, will I be in another 2 years? I am going to say yes because the word no is an ugly word.

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    Hello Flanigan,

    Welcome to the forum. Are you still at Shepherd Center? You normally get the greatest return within the first two years but can still get some later. Just keep up the good spirits.

    Good luck.
    ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne

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    Great attitude! Welcome to the forum.

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    Great attitude! Welcome to the forum.

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    Best wishes to you on your rehab and recovery, and welcome to the forum.

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    Best wishes to you on your rehab and recovery, and welcome to the forum.

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    I posted this message originally in the thread that was a poll if your were walking or not but it was moved, so if it doesn't make sense thats why. LoL I am no longer at Shepherd Center. I left in October of 2009. I felt as if things were to hard then because I had recovered nothing at that time so I left out patient to recover more and see what I could do and could not do in the real world on my own then return 6 months later to work on them things. After the 6 months my recovery was still nothing and they never called so I have been home ever since. When I came home I was in a manual chair because we did not have a vehicle to transfer a power chair from Georgia to Tennessee. When I first got home pushing the manuel felt like I was tearing my arms out of socket but now I can push with ease and even gain speed. Like I said recoverys been slow but I feel like I could recover more. Its just an uphill battle.

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    Hello Flanigan Welcome aboard Care Cure is unreal imop the best because there is a forum for nearly everything in life ...

    The spine is a marvelous piece of creation thus the human brain and spine are the most complicated parts of humanity .
    I know it get's frustrating because you want to walk and do probably all of the thing's you enjoyed prior to your Injury

    Try not to give up
    Be strong and realize were all in the same boat named Life

    I broke my neck 2 x & when I was alot younger just turned 16 I broke my neck in a car accident
    The lady who smashed into my car nearly killed 3 of us .
    Took me years to walk decently I was slower but still had the stamina of a wild horse

    30+ years later I rebroke my neck / back really screwing me up all over Now my life begun all over like a newborn baby I had to reteach myself to get to this point in life . I dont know how to not go for the gusto !!!

    I still believe our quests to walk again are pretty close thanks to Dr Wise Young and his medical colleigues .

    Just as I am typing this to you I want you to know that We probably on the cutting edge of a medical breakthrough

    I have been down these broken neck problems before and I can offer you very considerate advice
    1 ) Never Give up
    2 ) Reach for the stars you are not alone .
    3 ) Everyday as challenging life is try to accomplish whatever you want at your comfortable pace and follow your Dreams .

    4 ) it took me so many years to get to this point Why ? Because I refuse to give up

    5 ) Just remember you are a miracle and life is Miraculous
    Sometimes out of chronic pain and suffering one can become sad / aggrivated / non social
    This is PTSD symtoms

    Keep smiling and reach for the stars and you'll find your ways out of the darkest moments of our nights .
    You can do it !
    It sure is a uphill battle but I believe you'll truly make it
    Care Cure is phenominal a special network of us here who really care about eachother .

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    WOW GL...what an awesome inspiration to us. Where are you located in Texas, we are just south of Houston.
    Flanigin.....My son's injury is the same as you except he crushed c5 and it was replaced with a doner bone,Damaged c6, is plated from the front from c4 to c7 and has 2 rods from the back side. He has healed from a stage iv sacral wound and had a flap surgery.He also had water in his lungs and treached for 5 months.
    Gaining his tryceps back with a good pt that comes 3 days a week. Has been able to move his left leg a month agao but can not on comand now. But can a little combined with his spasams, your spasams sounds like his.
    Keep working, but mostly, try and have that positive attitude.

    Hardships make us strong. Problems give birth to wisdom. Sorrows cultivate compassion. Those who have suffered the most will become the happiest......

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