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Thread: FREE - BodyCraft™ CornerGym™ Galena Light Commercial

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    FREE - BodyCraft™ CornerGym™ Galena Light Commercial

    hi everyone, i have a home gym thats in excellent condition, the BodyCraft™ CornerGym™ Galena Light Commercial. i bought this gym in 2007. i have gotten great use from it but no longer have any room for it. i am willing to GIVE IT AWAY for free, no strings attached..........well maybe just one condition, you'll have to come pick it up.

    i live in Gatesville, Tx.............its 45 miles sw of Waco Tx.

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    Does it break down at all? I'm in Kyle, I have a Flex. If I can get it in there I might take it. I could use it for my physical therapy and have a spare room for it, just no $ to buy one... As long as I can get it in my car (well, the flex is almost a van...), I might take it (but wouldn't be able to pick it up this weekend).

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    it does break down, lots nuts and bolts and heavy metal. i had to pay someone to assemble it for me. it would fit nicely in the back of a pickup truck, would still need to disassemble it first. i could have some one disassemble it enough to load onto a truck or trailer. i have the instruction manual to help reassemble it. gym is in excellent shape and its FREE.

    let me know if you have any more questions.

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