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Thread: International Spinal Cord Repair Meeting in Barcelona

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leif View Post
    I personally believe that the introduction of fibres/nanofibres (prosthesis bridges) into a spinal cord will take some time before it might happen. Firstly because the technology for the time being seams to be ideas, and secondly due to the public (sci) in general would be suspicious about introducing foreign objects into the spinal cord. Aside of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if technology like this in the labs would show up as a better strategies for functional return then general biotechnology. Also, artificial technology bridging one would know what are, compared to specialized bio-cells derivates, no matter how many phase I and II studies are done, cause with bio one wouldn’t know, at least not for 30-40 years thereafter, statistically for cancer and stuff I mean. Strange, isn’t it? Like I could bet money on if one had a technological implantation, versus an biological one, I think most would choose the latter. Very strange, just my thoughts though.

    Eva Sykova said she is ready to go with a combination therapy of BMSCs + Hydrogel for chronic SCI

    A phase I/II with BMSCs on subacute & chronics has been completed already & proved to be safe. Some indication of efficacy also was shown.

    You should invite her to Noway to see if a productive collaboration could start.

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    Thanks Paolo. Good report. The nanotechnology is really exploding with so many companies now. Incidentally, as per requested, CRF will be posting their updated report on financial expenditures for cure research and grants within the next 2-3 weeks on the website. I'll link the new reports to you. I received notification today. Additional links I received today can be posted at that time also.
    Thank you Grammy.

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    Just to add to Paolo's comments:

    1) Novartis are moving into Phase II for their anti-Nogo antibody. They plan to recruit 160 acute patients in worldwide multi-centre trials.

    2) Elizabeth Bradbury presented some of their lab's translational work for Chondroitinase in a refined chronic contusion rat model. No indication of a roadmap to clinic yet though. <Sigh on the behalf of the UK>

    3) Dr Carlos Lima & Eva Sykova both voiced their frustrations at the lack of chronic studies and practical applications.

    4) Geoffrey Raisman presented his work with OECs to date. Again no indication of a roadmap to clinic. Actually, there seems to be no solution to finding the correct quantity and quality of cells required to move to clinic. <Sigh on the behalf of the UK>

    As Paolo mentioned, the most interesting scientific presentation was that of Michal Schwartz who is providing an alternative slant on the role of inflammation in an acute injury. Her history as an immunologist prior to a neuroscientist provides interesting insight.
    Thanks FPF for adding info here.

    As you have seen there are so many things to learn at these meetings that even if you get just a small part of it it's a lot.

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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    Quote Originally Posted by KIM View Post
    Didn´t Professor Bellamkonda have a stabilized version of Condroitinase?
    Hello Kim,

    I remember the publication you talk about, which is very interesting. As I understand this is not a clical grade of condrointinase.

    I am very confused about condroitinase. As I understand there is an effort to develop a clinical grade of condroitinase. That at best will take several years. Some people say 5 others say 10 years.
    Then it seems there is still a lot to understand about condroitinase.
    I start to think we'll have much better "stuff" ready for humans before condroitinase is ready for clinical trials, therefore it will never make it to humans.

    I would like to know what Wise thinks about that.

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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