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Thread: neptune bath lift

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    neptune bath lift

    has anyone ever had or used one of these, or anything like it ? your thoughts or suggestions. im a c-4 incomplete with lots of return to transfer or assist with transfer to this unit ..... . would love to use this beautiful tub in my house ...

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    I have tub in like octogon shaped not liek the one shown..and when I transfer over to it the suction cups DO NOT HOLD..and yeah..I can;t figure out how to make them stick better..they just slip. SO it is unusable for me..and I need to wait until hubby home if I want a bath (

    Ask a dealer if you can demo one at your home..before you commit..
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    I have been using one for years but from a different company, Aquatec (but owned by Invacare now). I really like it. You just need to remember to charge it at regular intervals:
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