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Thread: Anyone with Levo Standing chair? I need info...

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    Anyone with Levo Standing chair? I need info...

    I have a Levo standing chair that I purchased used. It is a manual chair, with the power assist to lift you to a standing position.

    During a recent move, my charger went missing and I can't use it. Having no luck finding another, or the specs for the charger... I'm wondering if anyone could let me know the details of the charger from the charger itself or a manual...

    The chair is older and the charger plugs into a black tube on the chair, looks like an old 1/4 inch jack from headphones, the size of an old record player....

    Any help would be great, legs are getting pretty spastic!

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    Did you try contacting the company yet?
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    Choice of user manuals to download from Levo's website.

    You can also find the appropriate distributor for your area from the website (from memory). We've successfully used a distributor in Australia a couple of times. (My son has the junior/kid version of the model you have, I think).

    Good luck!

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    older levo

    Thanks for the replies so far. My chair is older than the ones on the website, back and forth with manufacturer right now. Hoping that someone will have one and I can just get the charger specs to build a cheap one.

    Mine has the batteries in a cylinder under the seat, long black tube with charger plugging into the end.

    thanks again

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    levo with charger

    I got mine in 2004 so it may be the same type as mine. It plugs into the little metal thing on the right hand arm? It has quite a big coil to the battery.(which my husband has now use tie wraps so I don't break it (again). I am not sure if this it helps. If need be I can dig out my serial number and levo can tell you which one it is.

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