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Thread: Tippy manual wheelchair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ButterflyMom View Post
    Coolbreeze, did that help at all? (I don't Really know what the cog nut is or how it works. I'm guessing its the nut that the wheel meets up against?) I don't know enough about axles to feel comfortable making changes.

    Thanks Amyk, yes I did move the backrest as far forward as it will go and that helped. the yahoos who lowered the dump for me had moved the backrest backwards, making it worse, when I asked them to adjust it. I was able to correct it myself.

    Yep it help alot the bolts on the axle i was able to adjust it for more space\clearance, wheel to seat and break.
    Everyone may have diff. config and diff chairs i'm tryn figure out mines
    coolbreeze c6/7

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolbreeze View Post
    What causes your wheelchair to be tippy...
    Is it possible that a short backrest can cause your manual wheelchair to be tippy.

    Anyone else have a tippy MWC...
    If you are talking about tipping backwards you have only to move your rear wheels back a bit.

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