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Thread: Surgery Wednesday, March 9

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    Surgery Wednesday, March 9

    I'm getting my right ischium closed backup again. I've got the proper seat cushion this time, been checked for everything including osteomyelitis, and I just can't wait to get it done. It's been forever since I've got spend a day out of bed it feels like. It was getting better until about three weeks ago with the wound VAC. So here we go again. After tomorrow night, I'll probably be gone for a while.
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    Hope it goes well Ryan!!!

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    Best of luck to you ryan, i had my second surgery 1 month ago for the same wound healing faster this time.
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    Wishing you all the best Ryan! Stay strong and hope you'll be back soon.

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    gl!!! the finish line is almost there!!!
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    Good luck rybread.

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    Thinking of you and wishing a positive result in every way.

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    Good luck on the 9th. I hope the nurses give you a lot of TLC.

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    from one Ryan to another, best of luck to you!

    I just went through the same thing in the same place back in November.

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    Best of luck!

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