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Thread: Does size really matter?

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    Take a look at them, they're probably all clog up with hair and grime. You'll notice a big difference. If you are using a tilite becare when taking out the spacers as they have several skinny ones rather than just one. If you do that a Ti. let us know and we can explain how to get them in without too much trouble.

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    I agree with many; I used 24's, felt like I was pushing all day to go nowhere. But it was easy to go uphill. I had 26's for a bit, could FLY all over, but took more energy. Hills were heck... Now I have 25's and love it. Not quite as fast (top speed) as the bigger ones but nearly as easy as the 24's accept for steep hills and a push goes quite a bit further. All of these were with 5" casters accept now I have dropped to 4". I think they are the best balance of rollability and size unless you do a lot of outside rolling. I don't miss my 5"ers but I tried 3" once and hated them (all the same types of softrolls). The 4"ers turn quicker and don't get stopped by much (not that wouldn't also stop the 5"ers too anyhow). If I did most of my wheeling outside, I might stick with 5" but... In the end it's just a personal choice. But these are my experiences with these sizes.

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    I adjust the cog nut and gain space on the chamber width, now my rear wheels don't rub my pants or my hand break.
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