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Thread: Using Microcyn/Vetericyn for Bladder Wash

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    Hello everyone..

    I'm new to the forum and need help!?! I have recently started using Vetericyn as I've been battling infection after infection for the last year and a half! I heard about it from a member of, and after reading this forum decided it could be the answer to my prayers.. On my last test they said I had some kind of pseudonomas..

    I started off with Vetericyn VF wound and infection treatment 60mls once a day for half an hour to an hour.. On my next purchase I was sent Vetericyn VF Hydrogel instead, which I tried at the same dosage and duration, but it tended to clog the catheter (I have a urethral, permanent, Foley).. So now I do 30mls twice a day, but mix it with 30mls saline solution.. I've been doing this for approximately a month now and I'm not seeing any results.. In fact the infection seems to be getting worse! My question is, how long do I have to treat this before I see any results?

    My urine is totally rotten! It stinks to high heaven, and comes out in chunks! No kidding! The solid pieces sometimes fill up to half a meter of the catheter tubing! I don't know what to do anymore.. My Urologist refuses to give me any more antibiotics as he says I've had too many, and only gives me saline water to do wash outs with.. He says the chunks are just mucus from the augmentation..

    I'm DESPERATE!!!
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    Hi Smiley,

    I, too, have had battles with pseudomonas.

    You may have bacteria up in your ureters, in which case the V won't touch it. I had a similar situation with odor, in spite of the V, which I was using every other day. After a course of abx eliminated the bacteria--and odor--I resumed the use of V (40 ccs 1x day) and have remained odor free and crystal clear for six weeks and counting.

    Do you IC or do you have an indwelling? If ICing you probably need to get some V into the urethra before each cath. How much water do you drink?

    Hang in there!
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    Hi Smiley

    I have not visited the forum for a while so apologies for not spotting your message earlier. My husband has an indwelling foley catheter and has been battling with pseudomonas for some months now. He is totally resistant to all oral antibiotics and so in March we started with the Vetericyn. We have had some success and my husband has slowly improved. He has Multiple Sclerocis and has been in bed most of the time for months but is now able to spend several hours per day in his wheelchair and has started doing his core strength and assisted cycling exercises every day. However, we regularly send urine samples to our local hospital for testing and the pseudomonas is still there. Also, this last couple of days he too has started to get a lot of gunk in his catheter tube and our Doctor is debating whether or not he should have a course of gentomicyn to try and eradicate the bug. We are very reluctant as Martin has improved so much since we have done the 60ml twice daily Vetericyn flushes (1 hour each time).

    I will let you know what we decide to do and how things work out.

    If anyone else has any advice or experience, please let us know.

    Thank you.

    Elizabeth Anne

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    hi, I could use some HELP i have had 2 urin tests for UTI in the last 7 days and both have come back neg. i am currently going to the bathroom every 2 hours night and day. i have ultra strong burning night and day. my urin is clear BUT groups of bubbles are present. IS THERE ANY CONDITION THAT IS CAUSING THIS OTHER THAN UTI ?? can a preson have a UTI infection even though urin tests are neg ?? please advise i can sure use help my dr's are useless. thanks poobear

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    My husband has a SP, and had drug resistant pseudomonas colonized, but also with active flares of it for many months. Nothing oral worked, but IM gent would tamp it down enough to be gunk free for a few weeks, then the cycle would begin again. We finally decided to try Microcyn after reading here about it.

    Our first experiment was a bust. He took a high dose of IM gent for 7 days (which I did at home), and on the 3rd day of the abx, I started instilling 60 ml of regular liquid Vetricyn 2x a day. After two weeks, took in a sample but it still showed pseudomonas, even though alot of the gunk was now gone from his urine. At that point, I more or less gave up on microcyn/vetericyn until Leila/Susanne pointed out the experiences of others with drug-resistant pseudomonas, and their success with Vetricyn VF, which is simply a stronger formulation of Vetricyn (=Microcyn =Puracyn).

    So I repeated the experiment the same way again by used Vetricyn VF instead of regular Vetricyn. I did IM gent for 7 days, on the 3rd day of gent, I started the Vetricyn VF bladder installations through his SP tube. I put in 60 ml 2x a day for 30 mins per time, but sometimes he could only hold it in for a few minutes, and sometimes I could only put in 20 mL before he'd become too uncomfortable to put in more. So it wasn't a perfectly strict regimen that never varied, but the basic goal was to 1) always put it in at least 2x a day, in whatever amount he could tolerate, up to 60 ml for up to 30 mins, and 2) to wash it around his bladder by rolling him side to side quite a bit while it was in.

    Lo and behold, after 3 weeks of this, took in a sample and pseudmonas was GONE. As in totally gone gone, not even colonized at low levels. That was many months ago, and he's had a number of other UTIs in the meantime, but they have all been bugs other than pseudmonas, and they respond to antibiotics. We are considering having me flush his bladder every day with Vetricyn VF just to stave off future infections since he still regularly gets UTIs about once a month (and the bug is nearly always klebsiealla, for whatever that's worth).

    So that's my experience with Chad. One last thing to note - after a few days on Vetricyn VF, I changed his SP catheter tube, on the theory that maybe some pseudomonas would be stuck to it and hide out that way. I have no idea if this helped in any way, but thought I'd mention it.

    I am just tremendously grateful that the pseudomonas is gone because that can be a lethal infection.

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    Question Pseudonoma infection

    Hi again.. ;-)

    Thank you for all the responses..

    My situation turned out that the bugs took over and I ended up in Hospital on IV antibiotics.. No fun at all!

    Anyway, long story short, I was given the all clear after that, and immediately started the Vetericyn again once I returned home, in order to stay "clean".. I flush with 30ml Vetericyn VF Hydrogel mixed with 30ml saline once a day for between 30 mins to an hour.. And then with just saline 180mls every evening..

    My symptoms are beginning to reappear, and this worries me greatly! Currently I have flu-like symptoms, increased spasms, increased mucus in my urine, and terrible body aches and pains.. I did a "dip-stick" test, which tested positive, and sent a specimen to the lab today to do culture and sensitivity.. I'm really becoming very afraid..

    I have an in-dwelling Foley catheter that I change weekly, and use the Vetericyn Hydrogel as a lubricant for insertion..

    A friend recommended increasing the vetericyn installations to twice, thrice, or even 4 times a day.. For how long should I continue to use this regimen? Also another concern/question, I forgot to mention to her, is that after the bladder augmentation surgery, I have an ENORMOUS bladder holding, on occasion, slightly over 2litres! Will increasing the duration of installation cover the bladder area, or will I have to increase the Vetericyn? It worries me as this is becoming a very expensive treatment, and I don't know how long it will be sustainable.. But if it is going to work, I have to try it!

    If I'm rambling, forgive me... Any advice will be greatly appreciated.. ;-)
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    Hello SmileyBlue,

    When I inject VVF into my bladder, I always wait at least 2 hours before I remove it...which in the mornings is when I cath before leaving home for the day. I don't mix it with anything. I cath when I first arise in the mornings, and before removing the catheter, I inject 20 ml of VVF. This has worked very well for me. When I first started about 8 months ago, I would inject 20 ml at bedtime and leave it in overnight. Some on here have reported this procedure caused them to be constipated but I encountered no problems.

    I know you're having a horrible time with your infections and your treatment and hope you can come up with the right formula soon to end your misery.

    Good luck my friend.
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    It sounds like your bladder is so large that you're not getting enough coverage with the VF. In my opinion, increasing the number of daily instillations won't help if bladder coverage is the issue. Increasing the amount per instillation is probably the way to go. And be sure and roll side to side, have someone raise your legs, anything you can do to "hit all the spots."

    How much are you drinking; and what are you drinking? I, too, have a SP, and since I'm constantly draining, I drink over a gallon of water a day. I believe all that water flowing through me makes a huge difference. Back in early 2009, before I went to an indwelling, I was hospitalized four times with uro-sepsis (Pseudomonas) and had to receive IV abx each time. I've been pretty much fine since.

    I wish you all the best! I know it's tough right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WPDaggy View Post
    How much are you drinking; and what are you drinking?
    Hi.. ;-)

    I drink between 2.5 and 3.5 litres of water a day, plus a glass or two of fruit juice, and I'm "addicted" to Rooibos tea, so a minimum of 4-6 large mugs a day, but most likely more..

    I do take supplements as well, probiotics, cranberry tablets, and vitamins..

    Thanks for all your advice...

    It's ok to reflect on yesterday's memories, but it's far better to live for today's joys and tomorrow's dreams..

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    Cool Not an fda approved product

    Quote Originally Posted by Leila View Post

    If your husband is on antibiotics, stay on them for the full course.

    You will need to instill 60 cc Vetericyn twice a day in order to effectively deal with this problem. I like to do it twelve hours apart, morning and evening. How long you keep it in the bladder depends on several factors--which formula you are using is probably the most important. If it is the regular Vetericyn (blue bottles) start with ten minutes and build up one minute per day till you get to twenty or twenty five minutes. If you have the strong formula (Vetericyn VF--white bottles) you might have to keep it in for shorter periods if he has any bladder spasms or bowel issues.

    One thing you need to be aware of is that this treatment takes a lot of Vetericyn, and if you run out half way through, things will just get worse. There are 473 ml in each bottle--so you need to do the math. It will cost you--this product is not cheap. But it is an investment worth making. The company that puts out Microcyn (the same formula as regular Vetericyn) is currently working on reimbursement by Medicare/Medicaid/Medi-Cal, and hopefully that will break soon. But until then, people have to resign themselves to spending the money that is required.

    I spend a lot for V each month, but my husband is safe and well--no longer having his life threatened by terrible bouts of hemorrhagic cystitis that would sometimes develop from his infections. Everything's OK now.

    Good luck!


    you are doing a lot of prescribing here on this forum. Be careful!! somebody could get hurt.

    The active ingredients of Microcyn and Vetricyn is: 50% Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and 50% NaOCl. NaOCl is also known as household bleach.
    You need to be very careful, while pure HOCl is very potent and relatively safe at low concetration, NaOCl (bleach) is far less potent and has had a history of toxicity. NaOCl has the serious potential of damage to the bladder cell linining (epithelium), perhaps causing cystitis and inflammation and God knows what else. This product needs to undergo very careful study for safety and efficacy. Neither Microcyn nor Vetricyn is approved by the FDA or the European Medicine Authority (EMA) for this indication!

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