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    Hello Care Cure Community,
    I am a SCI survivor as well as a Masters student who is currently working on a qualitative research project exploring identity management following a spinal cord injury.
    The goal of my research is to scratch the surface in terms of what shifts in personal identity(if any) occur following the acquisition of a spinal cord injury.
    I am looking for 5 individuals to fill out a brief survey and complete an over the phone interview during which they can share their story and insights. Participation should take no longer than one hour. All information received will remain anonymous and protected with pseudonyms.

    Participants must:
    Have had their injury for more than three years.
    Be comfortable discussing the particulars of their injury and how it affects them.
    Speak English.
    Agree to a consent form.

    If interested please private message me or email (
    Thank you,

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    Moved to the Surveys forum.

    Please include the required information of which Human Subjects Committee approved this study, and contact information for the person to notify of any concerns or questions about the ethical issues related to this study.


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