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Thread: new weight shift timer app for iPhone

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    Question WS Timer Question

    Quote Originally Posted by tweaver60 View Post
    Thanks for using the app - I assume you are trying to use the timer in the background mode - this is highly recommended. If so, make sure you set up the durations. If you have and your still not getting anything sounds, check your volume. Also, to get a visual alert, be sure to set the Show Notifications to ON - if this is not set, you will only get a audio alert, and if the sound is turned down, you may not even hear it.

    Also, make sure the app goes into the background (just hit your home button once) - this works by using local notifications, which will only show up when the app that scheduled them is in the background. I know this seems odd, but that's how Apple has structured local notifications. I'm working on the next version will attempt to alert when it is the current app. The foreground mode works fine, but it has to be in foreground all the time, and your phone never goes into auto-lock (General setting that must set to never).

    Hope this helps - My nephew is still at Magee, we may have passed in the halls at sometime - good luck with everything.

    Let me know if you can't get this to work - we'll figure it out!

    Hi TW,

    I got your app several weeks ago, and I still can't figure it out. I really want to use it (as it would be exceedingly helpful) but honestly I cannot - even with the above explanation - get it to work. I don't understand the instructions, and I graduated from Harvard. I was wondering if you might make a very simple list of steps to follow. I need your app!

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    it works good for me, have u still not figured it out?

    first line sets the time of shift, 15 minutes
    second line sets how long u shift for, 1 minute is lowest
    third line scheduled out, really hadnt figured what that does, got mine on 1 hour and 30 minutes, maybe the time your going to be up

    just hit the button in background and your done.....
    hit the green button again and it will stop, and while your up just go to program hit green button - run in background and it will ding at ya.......

    the bottom on off is for the foreground....

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    Scheduled out time setting in wsTimer


    The 'scheduled out time' setting is how long into the future you would like to schedule your weight shift notifications. For example, if you wake up in the morning, and you want to schedule them for the day - enter 12 hours for example. SO throughout the day, you'll be getting notifications (based on your timer entries) to do your weight shifts - at 8:00pm, they will stop.

    Hope this helps,

    Learn from the past, but always look forward...

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    need a pain /med record app

    if anyone come across a good app android or apple for med tracking, let me know. i am looking for something fast, that will sync with a pc . maybe a spreadsheet,since a lot of open source such as g docs and open office.
    i want to be able to list my meds , or my nicknames,for privacy,don't want a cop pulling me over and seeing what i am taking and then automatically thinking i am dui, when he may have pulled me over for something not driving related. cell phones in a lot of areas they will try to look for incriminating stuff. i want area to list notes that are easily searchable. being able to use reqall to voice call it in too.
    i have been using evernote, but sometimes i want a quick month view of one med, where a spreadsheet would excel, evernote is not that great , or slow, i want an auto filler, ;like a shopping list for weekly items, maybe RTM would work, havent really tried that one yet.
    i also like to be able to add in anything out of ordinary, so when my pain is higher or lower, or one type of pain returns, i can also look at my activities, diet,stress levels, this way i hae a chance of finding a trigger. i will rewrite this and start a thread on it,so i don't hi jack yours and your app, just wanted to put it in your brain. i saw a pain in in the apple store with,IMO stupid colors and numbers, IMO that is for the newbies in pain, not the chronic, that are also looking at blood tests to see if the meds are causing other medical problems problems. thanks
    cauda equina

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    With the new operating system the weight shift timer doesn't work. Is there an upgrade on the way? I hope so.

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    Hi Jimpar4,

    I wrote the weight shift app 4 years ago for my nephew - someone else just informed me it is not working with the latest IOS version. I cannot promise when, but will attempt to get it working with the new OS. I am professionally a Microsoft developer - this was my first foray into an Apple app - and have not kept up with their technologies - I will reacquaint myself with the Apple dev set and get this working again. I'm so glad it is being used and his helping those with weight shift needs.


    Learn from the past, but always look forward...

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