I have been reading the threads lately and in the past about bowel programs, and I always wonder why other people don't do it the way Chad has for years. We roll him on his left side, insert a lubridated, gloved finger and pull out any stool. I check him morning and night, and he usually has something up there about every other day approximately (although that can vary widely based on diet and such). It takes literally less than a minute, there is no sweating and AD associated with suppositories. If he starts being sensitive to the glove, giving him discomfort, I first rub a little lidocaine around the anal opening to numb it up a bit. We had a friend who did the suppository thing, sat with it in all night and cleaned up the mess in the morning. I switched him over to Chad's method and he was immeasurably more comfortable. This method isn't perfect, but it works 99% of the time great. He occasionally will get backed up and I have to use an enema, but that is rare. He takes stool softener every day, other than that, nothing for bowels.

Any thoughts on why no one else seems to do this? Chad's been having this done for 23 years with no issues, and it was taught to him in rehab (albeit a long long time ago!). It just seems like a much better way to evacuate bowels.