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Thread: eating sandwiches for quads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    Nope. Just didn't take the OT's advice. standard quad mabey?
    yes, for using a splint and fork my OT had me using an arm support connected to an articulated arm that fit my chair. I struggled for months until she went on holiday. A student OT and I ditched the gear and I used my bicep and a different technique by keeping my elbow close to my body. When the OT returned from holiday I was eating without the stupid elbow support.

    So ignoring the OT's advice sometimes works great

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    Other than PBJ and grilled cheese, we have given up on sandwiches. They are just too hard. More ends up on the floor than in the belly (the cat does not complain as she can find the meat in any mess).

    I agree with the tortilla but have found that wrapping the burrito sandwich in foil for the lower half makes it easier to keep everything together. Scrambled eggs are now possible as a burrito. Just make sure you make the most of your tortilla. Some of the healthy ones are really nasty so keep trying different brands until you find one you like.

    We tried this originally because I used to do it when he was two and like now, he liked lots of things on his sammie. You would be surprised what you can wrap in a tortilla and it is just as good as a sandwich, except you cannot get the crusty bread satisfaction.--eak

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    My husband has no use of his arms,so for us, learning how to eat was awkward and clumsy at first. We have gotten much better, but sometimes things just get away and we have to laugh. (or swear)
    We end up using the same fork or I forget whose turn it is to get a drink.
    The first time his mother and brother (who were in huge denial) came to visit at rehab we ate in the large cafeteria.
    I dropped a giant ravioli and it rolled like a wheel all the waydown his front,leg and landed on his shoe. They were horrified and I was embarrassed and he was mad his ravioli didn't make it to his mouth.
    One thing we figured out was to use a stool so I was at his height. At rehab we could not sit at tables with the others because his chair too high and I would end up standing and giving him his foot and stooping to eat my own. We would end up using a adjustable bed side table and sit knee to knee alone. I hated that.
    We have learned what to not order when we go out to eat, but have gotten pretty good at it. We have long straws so I am not reaching as far.
    I realize I am off the thread topic, but was thinking how far we have come. No more rolling ravioli!

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