I am a new member, named Diane and live in Ga. I have one husband, two grandboys, one son , one daughter in law, 3 cats and one dog. I have been permanately disabled for over fifteen years with three cervical fusions, degenerative joint disease, auto immune with fibromyalgia, cfs, sjgroens and depression and cardiac problems and many joint problems. Every cell in my body hurts every single minute of every day. I live with the Chronic pain syndrome. I am a nurse by trade and worked 20 years in a busy emergency room. I got my SSI and workmans comp helps me. I was devastated on my last day of work. I felt hopeless that day but I knew I had to pick myself up. I have had problems with some doctors thru the years and had to search to find the ones that could help me. I am now in a pain clinic and they are going to give me a morphine pump in two weeks, if any of u out there have one can you give me some insight on it. I have seen many posts and these are very good. I wish all of u the best.I hope to see us all cured one day. who knows we have a chance, if we can walk on the moon hey we can do all things. Thanks for allowing me to join. Diane