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    To Snowman -

    Snowman, can you give us a cost of what you think the 2 years would be for someone in the c-5 - c-7 level to join your group and participate in the studies? As well, whats living expenses for your area?


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    Reproduced from our information packet (total costs below):

    How Do I Get Started:
    For many it is hard to believe that we can reproduce our results. Don't take our word for it-let us prove it to you. Come and visit us for a week or two. Spend five days a week, up to three hours a day, working with our trainers. Talk to our other clients; find out about their improvements. Observe what we do. This way you can see firsthand if Project Walk is for you. Just let us know a week in advance when you will be arriving and we will put you on the schedule. It's that simple. A one-week visit is $300; a two-week visit is $600. This weekly fee is prorated from our monthly rate.

    Cost Of The Program:
    We charge a monthly fee of $1200 due the first of each month. Newly injured paraplegics train five days a week. Quadriplegics start out with three days a week (every other day) and build up to four than five days a week. The average time a client spends training is 3 hours a day. This program is not covered by insurance and will never be covered by insurance. Insurance controls the program and limits what can and cannot be done. At Project Walk we have the freedom to do what is right for our clients.

    When we move into our new facility, our overhead will increase, so the cost of the program will increase to $1500 per month.

    It is possible that it will take up to two years for you to achieve your goal. But at no time are you financially committed to a two-year program. Payment is on a month-to-month schedule.


    2 years with the program at current cost: $28800
    Living expenses in San Diego: really depends on where you would live, approx. $14000 for a 1 bedroom apt. for 2 years.


    Eric Harness, CSCS (aka Snowman)
    Director of Sport Performance
    Project Walk
    11526 Sorrento Valley Rd.
    San Diego, Ca 92107

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    for the cost breakdown Snowman.

    I'm curious, is the majority of your program gait training? FES Bike? weightlifting?

    Not asking you to reveal secrets just trying to get an idea of what you offer. Most likely I'll be contacting you later this summer during my usual 2-3 week annual CA trip.

    Any info, more detailed the better, would be helpful.

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    No secrets

    Anyone is welcome to come in and observe our methods at anytime, we don't have any secrets. We actually would welocome any prospective researchers to come in and observe what we are doing.

    We use gait training for the people who are beginning to learn to walk. We don't use a FES Bike, we use regular spin bikes (Star Trac's model). We do some upper body weightlifting with all of our clients, quads in their chairs, paras on the floor. When clients first come in most exercises are done on the floor, mainly manual resistance exercises. Then they move on to the Total Gym for various types of assisted leg presses.

    I think our information packet also sums it up nicely with the following:

    · The key to getting better is going after what the body has to offer. As long as there is something in the legs--spasms, feeling, burning, pain, etc., there is a chance of recovery. In the beginning we use whatever the body gives us.

    · One hour of training will not work! On average, our clients spend over three hours training, three days a week. Overloading the muscles and nervous system is key to recovery.

    · Working the postural muscles. We do this by working the body as a whole unit. We start postural training the first day by getting the client out of their wheelchair and onto the floor.

    · Working all muscles and the nervous system. By movement, visualization, stretch reflex, and closed chain exercises, we directly impact and strengthen the muscles and nervous system.

    · Our clients are strong and have endurance. Most ride the stationary bike for 30 minutes or more a day.


    Eric Harness, CSCS (aka Snowman)
    Director of Sport Performance
    Project Walk
    11526 Sorrento Valley Rd.
    San Diego, Ca 92107

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    Message Board

    There will be a message board at Project Walk's website soon. We will be able to answer more questions there and many of our clients will be there to answer questions also.


    Eric Harness, CSCS (aka Snowman)
    Director of Sport Performance
    Project Walk
    11526 Sorrento Valley Rd.
    San Diego, Ca 92107

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