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Thread: TiLite Aero Z Series 2

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    TiLite Aero Z Series 2

    We've had discussions on this forum about the need for TiLite to reexamine their aluminum product line in light of the changes taking place in today's custom ultralight rigid frame marketplace.

    Here at ISS, I was asking Marty Ball about whether TiLite had any plans to update the Aero Z's somewhat dated design so that it would be essentially an aluminum version of the ZRA S2. To my surprise, he said they had one at their exhibit. In one of the quietest product introductions I have ever seen, I discovered that they have in fact updated the Aero Z's design. It isn't 7000 Series aluminum, but this looks like an excellent chair for the value. Other than frame material, only the footrest clamp is different than the ZRA S2..

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    I got the TiLite email about the AeroZs2 two days after I placed an order (through Sportaid) for an AeroZ to replace my current chair. Seems like the s2 is taking after the ZRs2 which (to me) from other care cure members has had a few issues..

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    Looks cool but I don't think you can buy them through sportaid or bike-on yet.

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    anything else new @ ISS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    anything else new @ ISS?
    What he said!

    (and nice job TiLite! New chairs are good!)

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    That is a great looking chair. Nothing wrong with aluminum.

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    Thanks SCI OTR for the news on the Aero Z

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    Got that email from Ti about the new Aero Z yesterday, looks nice.
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