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Thread: Quickie Xenon - a new folding lightweight wheelchair

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    Quickie Xenon - a new folding lightweight wheelchair

    Looks like the UK has followed Spain and launched Quickie's new ultra-lightweight folding wheelchair called Xenon. Seems to be modelled after the Helium / Q7 in the looks department. Claims to have a starting weight of 8.4 kg.

    Here's the link for anyone wanting to take a look:

    This is obviously a European Quickie chair so not sure when it may turn up states-side, it usually takes 2 years I think? I imported my Quickie Neon in from a company called EPC Wheelchairs in the UK. I would imagine they would carry this model too.

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    We spoke about it time ago, here is the link

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    I saw it today at ISS in Nashville. Their Custom Manual Product Manager for Europe was using one. It was a nice looking chair, but don't look for it to be offered here anytime soon.

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    How did the folding mechanism look?? By looking at the brochure, it seems almost un-noticeable under the frame. I hate big bulky cross frames.

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