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Thread: What's Next?

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    What's Next?

    Tomorrow is my last day of physical therapy and i'm not sure i'm ready. They told me at my last session that they aren't seeing anymore big improvements with my balance and motor skills so now we just have to wait and see if my body is going to heal itself. I am still in my year window where the best recovering happens but i'm afraid without any therapy i'm not going to be working on the right things when I go to the gym and i'm going to be stuck just the way that I am now. I am thankful that i'm no longer in the wheelchair but I would like very much to work at getting back to walking normally. Are there any other treatments I can try so I don't lose my momentum?

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    I think that everything you say/ask in this post would be excellent to present to your PT at your final session; express these exact concerns, just as you have articulated them here. Best wishes to you.

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    I spoke with my therapists today and they said there is nothing more that can be done for me here and I just have to wait and see if my feeling, balance, and coordination come back. They said if I experience any significant improvements or a decline in the weeks to come I can always get written orders to come back. I guess my question is, do I wait like they tell me to or get a second opinion. I guess i'm just afraid that if every day counts, I could be ruining any chance of recovery that I may have...thoughts?

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    That is a dilemma, for sure. If it's possible to get a second opinion from someone whose level of experience is comparable to your present therapist's, it might ease your mind to do that. It's difficult to be "cut loose" when you have such important questions, but it would be really important to make sure that the second-opinion therapist is knowledgeable about your particular situation and condition.

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    the next thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve garro View Post
    the next thing
    agreed. keep on keepin' on.

    oh, and don't accept the "year window" as fact. I recovered some function 4.5yrs post-injury.

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    A week from now you can call your pt and say you are losing function and try to extend your can try to find a local gym where you can hire a trainer to continue what you were doing in therapy.

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    I know how you feel. I have experienced the same situation and personal feelings about leaving therapy and working out on my own.

    Please consider asking your therapist for a work out schedule, including illustrations that will remind you of which exercises to incorporate into your schedule.
    The illustrations will also help you maintain the proper mechanics.

    Though I respect the advice of others on this thread to get on with your life; it's important to use the 18 month window, which is when the most return occurs to the best of your ability.

    You can still enjoy life and maintain your work out regimen which you should do even if you weren't injured.

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    shift from therapy mentality to training mentality, hit the gym, hire trainer if you can.
    i am making bigger gains 3 years post with intense gym and mat work

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    Thank you everyone. Your insight has really helped me. I have not stopped training on my own at the gym and I think I will try to step it up a notch. I am also starting equine therapy and i'm really hoping that will help me with my function..I know it will help my mind because I have always enjoyed riding.

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