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    Light / healthy

    I found out that 1/2 glass of V* and other 1/2 glass filled with cranberry juice mixed up really tastes good and is healthy for me especially if I am taking my morning medicines .
    I am trying to cut back on my food consumption

    Just figured it would be of help to someone out there


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    Quote Originally Posted by GL View Post
    I found out that 1/2 glass of V* and other 1/2 glass filled with cranberry juice...GL
    Hah - when I first read that, I interpreted V* as meaning vodka!
    I guess you hit the shift key and meant to type V8!
    - Richard

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    What is V8?
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    V8 is a trademarked mixture of tomato and other vegetable juices - without looking it up, I suppose it's 8 different vegetables.

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    v8 is tomato and vegetable juice in a can. its good, and I actually like it with vodka and tabasco, or cracked black pepper.
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    Every morning I have my little mixture drink the cranberry juice / V8 drink peps me up it is easy on my sensitive stomach I really have to take it careful with my diet .

    I dont drink vodka

    A ice cold Corona Beer is my liquid lunch sometimes lol

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