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Thread: Spinal test gives 'early prognosis'

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    Spinal test gives 'early prognosis'

    A combination of age and test results can accurately predict whether a wheelchair-bound spinal injury patient will ever walk again.

    The new forecasting method developed by European experts could help the counselling and rehabilitation of people who have been traumatically paralysed in accidents or conflict.

    It may also help researchers decide which patients are most suitable for trials of new spinal injury treatments.

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    This stuff really bothers me.

    What is the point of trying to predict such an unpredictable outcome!! Isnt it better to just accept that it is impossible to predict the recovery of any one individual? Putting any kind of percentage chance of recovery is just having a similar "nocebo" effect as saying "you'll never walk again"!

    Surely clinicans should spend more time with their "hands on" treatment than developing these barking mad ideas. Especially at a time when the field is changing towards functional recovery through regeneration.

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    What I wondered is how is this so different from what we already have? You're right though, it smacks a little more of being anti-patient rather than pro-patient, taking away some of his/her self-determination.

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    Absolutely right on.
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    Provoking me. alot.
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    Don't believe every thing you read... 14 years post and I still have a little believe that I could get out of this. Not giving up just yet

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    Again. More money, time, and brains spent on telling us what is not possible as opposed to using the same energy on making what was something once thought impossible, possible.
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