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    Mattress Suggestions

    I care for a man who is a C5/C6 and is in need a mattress intervention (LOL). He purchased a new water bed, like what was suggested to him by his doctor years ago. The trouble is the bed is too soft and he can't roll back and forth durring the night. He is getting no sleep, which is adding to his spasms. I need help finding him a regular mattress (no air, adjustable mattress). He has never had issues with pressure sores, since he rolls frequently durring the night. We found a mattress that works but not sure if it would work for someone with his injury. Like I said before, no pressure sores and don't wish to start now. The mattress is a Boyd Illustra 330 Engineered Latex Mattress, Desert Rose. Has anyone ever used one of these mattresses or type of Latex Mattress? Or maybe someone could suggest something along the same lines as this one. At this point, 8 months of hardly any sleep he's open to any suggestions.


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    A lot of people seem to be happy with the sleep number beds, you can lower the pressure and make it soft for sleeping and then hit the button and raise the pressure for transfers or turning. I use a Tempurpedic, but it is not easy to turn on it as it is so soft, it's the cloud supreme.
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    I use the Sleep Number bed and have for the last 8 years from the first day that I came home from rehab. It is just like Kurt said I make it firm (100) when I transfer in and out of bed or when I am getting dressed to roll back and forth. When I sleep I lower it to (45) and I sleep in the same position for at least 8 hours and have never had a problem. I can even roll side to side when it is at (45). I have even slept with the bed at (100) and had no skin problems, but I think that may have something to do with be having extra fat in areas and not being real bony.

    They have models that don't have a real thick pillow top and they now have where you can get the base that the head and feet go up and down like a hospital bed. I have a twin with one chamber and it works great, if I ever get married I will need to get the two chamber bed.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions about the bed.

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    I use a ROHO mattress overlay. Works for me as I transfer using a lift, but it might not be firm enough if he transfers himself. You could also check with a medical equipment supplier to see what his insurance might cover.

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