I was curious if anyone else is having a lot of problems with their zra series 2 chair?
I have had nothing but problems since I have received this chair and quite concernerned on how this chair is supposed to last me 5 years. It has even held up 5 months. I received this chair in late October.

1st problem encountered was the common backrest excessive play. This was a problem since the third day I have had the chair. I had the dme eventually show up to fix the chair and he had received the wrong parts. I have the titanium backrest and the diameter of the hinge hardware was different than what was sent. Eventually replaced with new parts and a few days later the problem returned. It is still in this condition and I am patiently waiting for new parts to show up at the dme for repair.

2nd problem is the carbon fibre backrest release bar. This came apart at both ends where it bolts on to the chair. The adhesive had broken free. This was replaced and the second carbon fibre release bar, which shortly after installation was also broken (within hours) only on one end this time. I have since talked to tilite and they quickly shipped me an aluminum replacement.
At first I just wanted the backrest to release when I need it to, but after some more thought I was disappointed that I had accepted a heavier part that was paid a premium on (upgraded cf). I thought to myself "I paid for the upgrade, why am I accepting less than the upgrade" . I talked to the dme and he is ordering me a 4th backrest release bar.

3rd problem is the carbon fibre axle tube coming apart on the one end. This is extremely dangerous and quite a cause for concern. I noticed this last week as I was loading the chair into the car. The metal was separated from the carbon fibre tube and is migrating outward. If it continues It will eventually fall out and leave me stranded, hopefully without injury. The unfortunate part is that this is a chair I have to bring with me across the continent to attend project walk. The dme was supposed to order me a new replacement tube but until then I am left with this liability of a wheelchair I have to use daily.

I did talk with Tilite and they told me that they have corrected the issue with carbon fibre. They said it was caused by a problem with the adhesive that was used to bond the metal to the carbon fibre. Everyone tells me how great tilite is, but I wonder how so many problems get out. They must do product testing and endurance testing. Has this fallen by the wayside? I am really surprised that there has not been a recall issued for this concern.
I do not want to use this chair anymore as I do not feel safe and I am worried at what else can go wrong with it. The problem is that for the time being I have no choice. I don't even know how to convince me to ever ride in a tilite in my life ever again or even suggest it to anyone I meet or interact with.

I know this is a bit of a rant, but i feel frustrated with this situation and I feel like my hands are tied. Thanks for reading, I feel a very small amount better.