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Thread: 8 years and still treading water, ugh!

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    8 years and still treading water, ugh!

    So today is my 8 year anniversary. Happy April Fools to me. I thought by now things would be easier, life would move forward and I would move on. In a lot of ways it has. I have a wonderful husband and a great family and friends. The injury is now a part of my life not my entire life. Although everyday there is the constant reminder of not being normal. The cathing, bowel programs, medical equipment, and the body that just will not do what I want it to do.

    I know now that it will never get easier and actually it will begin to get worse. Slowly taking what independance I have. When I look at how much I have lost in the last 8 years it scares me to think of another 8 years.

    This last year has had many ups and downs, and right now we are way down! I wanted my post to be positive today. I just dont have it in me today to be on top of this. I know we will make it through whatever we face. I was just really hoping to be in a place that we were not struggling. I guess that is life though. Ours is just a bit harder. We deal with all the day to day struggles that others face and then heap on our injuries.

    Sorry I am so negative this year, its just with everything going on, I have no happy place to pull from.

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    No reason to apologize for your feelings Medic1. They are all valid.
    What a goofy anniversary day. Hopefully the rest of the month will look up
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    i am treading with you. its frustrating to lose the life we had. i'm 4 yrs, post and the anger is there. i try but my inner core of who i am was lost when i had my accident. at least here we are not alone

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    I am sorry you are struggling. It is true that life will never be what it once was, but I think of it as a "different life." Just different, not awful, and while there will always be challenges that come up, it is my belief that everyone faces those in life, although not necessarily disability related. I am not minimizing your pain, please don't think that, just offering maybe a different framework?

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    I am praying you find your happy place soon
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    Take what you have and do what you can. I'm a T12 complete for approx 35 years now.
    Live pain every fricken day, deal with all the other fun stuff. Get out of the house and do things you want, or at least try. I can't explain it, but, I can say it is up to you.

    You've got a medical back ground, have you thought about continuing or building upon the knowledge you have?

    (I know.. sometimes things are easier said than done. We all bitch a bit about our situations, it's okay)
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    I just posted in your other thread. Those words are appropriate here too. I wish you better times...

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    I have been thinking about you today I sent you a PM, but I am wishing the very best for you. You have been very kind and I am sending you a biiiggggg HUG
    JeAnNE L1Burst Fracture inc. 11/5/10

    Live Well--Laugh often

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