A family friend of ours has offered to give us their Drive bed that they bought for their mother who had a stroke and wasn't able to move for a few years. I think she passed and now they want to give us the old bed. I tried to get them to give me a serial number or something but they were confused and couldn't find a model number. All they kept saying was "It's for specially designed to stop pressure sores" and that it had some motors, a bunch of air bladders and was made of mostly tough plastic.

My father was injured (C5 incomplete) in October '10 and is still in a rehab facility. We will eventually need a bed for him but feel like we'll need a prescription or something. Is this a bad idea, picking up this bed for him? Is a hospital bed the kind of thing that we can get rid of on craigslist if it turns out to not be what we need?