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Thread: Drive Bed for my Dad

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    Drive Bed for my Dad

    A family friend of ours has offered to give us their Drive bed that they bought for their mother who had a stroke and wasn't able to move for a few years. I think she passed and now they want to give us the old bed. I tried to get them to give me a serial number or something but they were confused and couldn't find a model number. All they kept saying was "It's for specially designed to stop pressure sores" and that it had some motors, a bunch of air bladders and was made of mostly tough plastic.

    My father was injured (C5 incomplete) in October '10 and is still in a rehab facility. We will eventually need a bed for him but feel like we'll need a prescription or something. Is this a bad idea, picking up this bed for him? Is a hospital bed the kind of thing that we can get rid of on craigslist if it turns out to not be what we need?

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    Take it. If it doesn't work out, give it away to someone that can use it. Or let the people that gave it to your dad have it back, so they can sell it. It's probably a decent bed.

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    North, thanks. I tried to get a visual description from our friends and I think it's the following (link below). Anyone have any comments about it? In researching beds, should I start by searching the forum for past posts? Sorry, new to all this.. :-/

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    If your dad finds it comfortable and the pressure relief is great, I'd say it's a score. If your dad doesn't like it and wants a more regular bed, he could try a memory foam topper on his regular bed. He'd just need to watch for areas on his skin, like his butt, for signs of pressure points that could give pressure sores. If he has good sensation, being incomplete, he might not have to worry about sores, as he'd know when and where he needed to adjust his body to allow proper circulation.

    I use a memory foam topper on my regular mattress. I bought it from Costco. It works great but I need to turn at least once through the night to avoid pressure sores.

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